Pantera "Vulgar Display of Power" Anniversary Edition

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Pantera is about to release a 20th Anniversary edition of ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’.  Twenty years?  It’s hard to imagein that Pantera was once considered a glam band.  It is said that with this album they chaged their image.

So where is the bonus benefit of the 20th Anniversary edition?  Well, you get a new song titled “Piss”.  That alone makes it worth the dough, don’t you think?  Actually there is a DVD and say what you will, the truth is watching a DVD of a fave band can be one of the best things ever. 

There are so many great band films (and not so great ones!) but for some reason seeing them really give you the illusion of insight in to the inner workings of rock and roll. 

The deluxe CD/DVD Vulgar Display Of Power will be released on May 15. 

DVD Tracklisting

'Mouth For War' ' Live In Italy

'Domination/Hollow' ' Live In Italy

'Rise' ' Live In Italy

'This Love' ' Live In Italy

'Cowboys From Hell' ' Live In Italy

'Mouth For War' ' Video

'This Love' ' Video

'Walk' ' Video

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