Panda Bear’s Sixth Solo Effort Transmutes His Trademark Sound Into An Altogether Different Beast

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Panda Bear


Pre-order Buoys on heavyweight red and white marbled vinyl with tip-on gatefold sleeve

Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear’s latest album was co-produced and co-mixed by collaborator Rusty Santos, who also worked on his landmark 2007 album Person Pitch. Animated by their ongoing interest in contemporary techniques, and inspired by Santos’ recent trap and reggaeton production work, Lennox and Santos envisioned something that would “feel familiar to a young person’s ears.” However, Buoys retains a deep layer of experimentation coursing through the hyper-modern production – a hallmark of Panda Bear releases that will feel intimately familiar to fans of Lennox’s decade-plus body of work.

“The songs on Buoys are at once cosy and alienated, like imperiled lullabies returned from a moon voyage”
– Q ★★★★

WATCH: “Token”


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