P.I. Tom Grant Claims Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson Had A Note Found In Cobain’s House

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Eric Erlandson


If you have seen ‘Soaked in Bleach’, the film by Ben Statler, which presents all the facts gathered by private detective Tom Grant related to his investigation into Kurt Cobain’s death, you may remember that Grant and Kurt’s friend Dylan Carlson went to the house looking for Kurt on April 7th and found a note on the stairs, a letter addressed to Kurt and allegedly written by Michael ‘Cali’ Dewitt, the nanny of the Cobain’s family.

Grant has a copy of the note and you can easily find the content on the internet, it says this (including the typos): ‘Kurt, I can’t believe you managed to be in this house without me noticeing. You’re a fucking asshole for not calling Courtney and at least letting her know that your O.K. She’s in a lot of pain Kurt, and this morning she had another accident and now she’s in the hospital again. She’s your wife & she loves you & you have a child together. Get it together or at least tell her your O.K. or she is going to die. It’s not fair man. Do something now.’

Tom has always had the feeling the note might had been there for him to find, and if it was the case, it had a purpose, create sympathy for Courtney, as if she was traumatized because she could not find her husband. the letter also would leave the impression that Cali the nanny really did not know where Kurt was, whereas he was in the house all the time.

Grant left the note where it was, but in a recent interview with WEMF Radio he gave a few more information regarding what he claims happened to this 4th note, as he called it, because there were a few others. Grant found the note around 2:15 am in the main house, and at 8 am, the police arrived at the scene because Gary Smith the electrician had found Kurt’s body. Officers searched the house, but they did not found any note, and this means that between Grant’s visit and the police’s arrival, someone had come in the house to take the note from the stairs. But the most surprising thing is what Grant reveals in this same interview. The following week, when he was back at the house in Seattle, Eric Erlandson was there and Grant asked him if he knew what had happened to the letter found on the stairs, … in a surprising move Erlandson pulled it out of his briefcase right away…What? Hole‘s guitarist Erlandson had a briefcase? But more surprisingly, why did he have the note? Did he pick him himself from the stairs on April 7th? It’s a fact that he flew to Seattle that day and he has always claimed he was sent there by Courtney Love to look for Kurt. She definitively gave the same mission to a lot of people.

You have to admit it is a little bit bizarre. If the letter was genuine, why was it removed and why Erlandson had it according to Grant? On the other hand, if the letter was planted there to make Courtney look good then removed for obscure reasons – may be because it sounded too bogus? – it doesn’t look good for Eric Erlandson and her former bandmate, it shows there was conspiracy between a few people. I wonder why Grant didn’t ask Erlandson how he got the note!

Erlandson often complains he received unpleasant tweets implying he was involved in Kurt Cobain’s death, but stories like these are not going to help! Should I also remind everyone that Eric has been rumored to be the person filming all these home videos of Kurt and Courtney that appeared in ‘Montage of Heck.’ If it’s true, he had quite an access to the couple’s private life, and this is even creepier when we know that he used to date Love.

There are so many complicated side stories beside the main story which led to Cobain’s death,… No wonder this thing is still unsolved! Will we ever learn everything and put all pieces of the puzzle together?

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11 Responses to “P.I. Tom Grant Claims Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson Had A Note Found In Cobain’s House”

  1. Trent Hollars

    If Kurt Cobain wrote his suicide note then why would he write about the pain in his stomach when his interview in December of ’93 he said that he was properly diagnosed an prescribed the right medication to help him. If he did write the note wouldn’t he have said something about being diagnosed wrongfully an just needed some relief from stomach problems. Please answer this for me. And please no bullshit.

    • E

      I think it’s because he was properly diagnosed but by the time he was, he was already addicted to heroin. If not that, then maybe because heroin helped him more than the medication he was getting at the clinic.

    • Topspin

      I personally think that sadly in the interview you are referring to, he means “treatment” being the heroin. Just the way he says it, with a slight smile makes me think that. Truly a very sad situation 🙁

  2. Hansley

    Your question is definitely valid. I personally can not answer it but, I myself am baffled as to why there is no further investigation into the case. I believed he was murdered when it happened and I was only 13 at the time. Looking at it now, being that all possible further evidence, other then some pictures, had been destroyed merely days after he was found dead would have raised many red flags for me. Just because he was on drugs and depressed it was a suicide. I will never believe that. I believe he was finally done with the filth(courtney) that became his life. She is literally nothing without him. Had he never married her, no one would know who she is now. I don’t know but, the piece’s all seem to fit rather nicely. I don’t understand why the case hasn’t been reopened.

  3. Diana Moore

    Kurt committed suicide and Tom Grant is trying so hard to dig up shit. Pathetic really. Hey Tom why were the words of the handwriting experts in Soaked in Bleach twisted and cherry picked?

  4. Leighth

    Two players who came away with sums of money were Dewitt 30K (Jessica Hooper still becomes hysterical about the early morning goings on) for alleged detox and Richard Allen Wrench the alleged 50K (El Duce dragged out of his home and last seen with Wrench then beheaded by train). I definitely believe Dylan ran interference and knew the plan and continues to be paid for silence. Kurt wanted out from the ball and chain. My heartbreak lies is Did Kurt Have Any inkling that Courtney soooo deadly ? He had two airline tickets to a new life and his own wealth used to pay off for his demise….He almost got out I gotta believe. I just signed a change.org petition to compel reopen and access. 75,000 Signatures needed and 200 to go.


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