"One Drop", Public Image Ltd, Reviewed

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I have never really heard a voice aged.  In the new song by Public Image, it is clear, John Lydon has aged.  The all to familiar cackle is there loud and proud but it is torn.  Weakened and with more tired.

This is not to say Lydon has lost his mojo- not at all.  It is just interesting to hear an all so familiar voice with such obvious distortion.  Its as if he should clear his throat or something, a warble in the resonance.

The song offered up but the UK "Slicing Eyeballs" is in honor of record store day and a lovely tune indeed.  Very stereotypical PiL with the silly dance beat and constant repetition.  I love that they stuck true to form and didnt serve up some rock headbang or croony nonsense.  This is Public Image, twenty years after their last release.

Although this is part of a vinyl 4 track release for Record Store Day (April 24), it will be released again to the masses in May or June.  I wonder if the other songs are just the same?  One of the constants of Lydons work is the similarity of sound in everything.  It all sounds the same- but it all sounds fantastic.

The song can be found on Soundcloud. 


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