Oldies But Goldies: The Rocket Summer Interview, 2009

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Bryce Avary is a humble man, too humble for a person with this amount of talent and perseverance.
The force behind The Rocket Summer took a moment post sound check to speak to www.rocknycliveandrecorded.com tonight. Pressed for time with technical issues we were glad to speak to him at all.

Bryces songs are written from his soul. Intensely personal without being selfish. Writing with a sense of purpose and a positive mind set has made The Rocket Summer a feel good band but a band that also feeds off the positivity of its audience.

Bryce is particularly excited this evening as he has received some information he has anxiously awaited since April. We at Rock NYC are thrilled with the news but at his request will refrain from mentioning it. Allowing Rocket Summer to do so in there own special way. Its going to be an amazing 2010.
We had opportunity to ask about Bryce’s inspirations “I’m hugely spiritual person, its a huge part of my life. I’m inspired by Gods loves and the fact that I am able to do this for a living.”

“I’m also inspired by those who tell me how my music inspires them” he laughs, ‘its a domino effect in a way”

Bryce found it difficult to discuss how seriously the music effects others and is humbled in the power it has had on some of his fans. ” It makes me feel great that if there is anything amazing happening its God working through me”
In discussing his lyrics, ‘I write from life experience and others around me it pretty much autobiographical and what is in my heart. Its surprising how it can strike a chord in other people.”

“I don’t want to take any credit for anything that’s happening. Its not just me”

A clothing line called Call It Captivate, is a charity started by Bryce Avary in order to give back.. This clothing line donates 25% of its profits to the charity of your choice. According to Bryce this ability to chose where your donation goes makes it unique. Partnering with multiple charities offers the consumer more choices to donate. He is teaming up with many new designers and is excited for 2010 to unleash even more CIC offerings. “having a clothing line has been a passion of mine, Ive always wanted to do this and to be able to do it and give back is awesome’

Bryce stated that 2009 has been a difficult year personally as well as professionally but with the growth of CIC, a new outreach program to be launched in spring and the ‘top secret’ news breaking shortly 2010 is going to be an outstanding year. Stating that today is a ‘stellar and amazing day’ for him (we’re certain that’s because hes able to speak with us, right?) We can fill you in more on this at a later date, but 2010 should indeed be stellar for Avary.

In closing, we asked if there were musicians or authors that helped him define himself not only as an artist but as a person, Bryce mentions artists that he takes refuge in such as Mindy Smith, a folk artist, The Counting Crows were helpful in his youth, and a band called Built to Spill and with a laugh ” Paul McCartney is pretty good’.

We along with Bryce are very much looking forward to Spring 2010, and wish him all the best for his birthday and the remainder of this tour.


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