Oldies But Goldies: Forever The Sickest Kid

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The new seven-track EP, The Weekend: Friday, by sextet Forever The Sickest Kids, came out yesterday, so I bought it expecting the same exact sounding band that I fell in love with. Boy was I wrong.
Going down the road of borderline technocore rather than alternative, I was stunned. Of course they still have that edge to them, but it’s grown to make them even more unique. “Do or Die” is the first track, it opens with a catchy techno riff and melodic guitars. Still as tight as ever, Jonathan Cook’s, the lead singer of FTSK, voice is clearer and smoother than the last album. Their experience has brought them here. “Tough Love”, the second song, starts out with an almost hardcore beginning but falls into a sugary pop heartbreak song, then that pattern continues-hardcore, pop, hardcore. FTSK is probably the only band that could ever pull that off.
“She Likes (Bittersweet Love)”, the third track, is the song that I could listen to over and over again for a day straight. Mentioning how he can’t help himself because his girl treats him like a rag doll and having to sew himself back together, you can’t help but smile when hearing a boy spill out how he feels.
“Take it Slow” is one of those songs that you can always hum along to no matter what. I’ve been catching myself singing into my hairbrush behind close doors to this song.

“Hip Hop Chick” is a completely hilarious yet stunningly incredible song. Talking about changing himself into a hip-hop guy, he talks about the hardships of liking someone who’s not in his scene. “She laughed at my Soldier Boy dance, what was i thinking trying to be something I’m not?” is a line that talks about questioning if he should be doing this or not, but ends up sticking with it. This heartsick song about changing yourself for someone you like is what I have been singing to myself on the bus on the way to school.

“What Do You Want From Me”, the sixth track, is an extremely catchy song that is almost a mix between “Tell All Your Friends” from Taking Back Sunday and Fall Out Boy’s “Evening Out With Your Girlfriend”. I’ve only heard bands come from that stage to a more polished sound, yet FTSK is once again probably the only band that could ever get away with it. The last track, “Hawkbot”, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Almost rap, once again a hybrid song. Perhaps 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship? Not sure, but I can see that song being on the radio or maybe even in movies.

Though it may seem like not a lot of songs you’ll definitely get your fill of uniqueness.


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