Oldies But Goldies: Beyonce And Jay Z Live 2014

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If the roar of the audience at MetLife was anything to go by, let there be no doubt that Beyonce and her husband in their silly Bonnie And Clyde guise ruled the world for two and a half hours of well over the top hip hop manipulation. But if music isn’t movies or Apps or TV, if it means more than the spectacle of money and movies, “On The Run” was a little on the depressing side.
The nosebleed seats at MetLife for this show were sixty five bucks and for that money what I got was a view miles up at the opposite end from the stage. Jay and Bey were insect sized Gods, you couldn’t even see their form and all the on their feet fans surrounding me were reacting to the loud bombastic tuneless bass heavy music and close circuit TV. The fans loved it but I felt blanded out and, after last years Justin Timberlake and Jay Z gig at Yankee Stadium, a little disappointed.

I have zero doubt it is difficult to do much but rub your audiences noses in the flash of funds at a Stadium extravaganza but like Bono and Bruce, Jay Z seemed capable of it and this show, not unlike the entire on the run concept, was forced.

As for his wife, Beyonce has released two excellent albums in a row, but I caught her at Roseland pushing one album and Barclays with the other and wasn’t thrilled either time. She is too brittle on stage, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty without the backstory to soften it.

All valid complaints in my book but still from “99 Problems” to “Hardknock Life” to “Single Ladies” to “Drunk In Love” the hits just keep on coming. And the fans just keep on singing and if the sound is a touch harsh and the married couple very reality TV close, this gives the people exactly what they paid for. They’re like Steve and Edie without the common decency.

Musically the show was ok to not ok, but the duo as people with their conspicuous consumption and tone deaf snottiness are so horrible,I can’t stand em. It’s like they gave Mickey Mouse’s role to McScrooge. The on the run storyline adds nothing at all, it is really proof that even black people can be as repulsive as Donald Trump if they work hard enough. And I say this as a fan, there were moments, Beyonce playing Justin on “Holy Grail” , Jay Z’s surprisingly moving “Song Cry” which were almost human and other moments, Jay’s “99 Problems”, “Dirt On My Shoulders” “On To The Next One” where the audiences joy pulled you along.

But most drugs will kick in if you give them enough chance and in the end this was a pointless exercise in megalomania and adrenalin dope pushing.

Grade: C

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