Oh No, Achtung Baby

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Jot down this date January 24, 2012.  Why? 

U2 documentary time!!  “From The Sky Down” will be released on DVD, Blue Ray and video download, something for everyone!  The film will document the 1991 recording of the album Achtung Baby.

Davis Gugenheim, returned the band to the place it was recorded in Berlin, Hansa Studio to discuss the event.  Originally screened as part of the BBC “Imagine Series”, the film also opened the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Twenty years after the release of Achtung, animation and unseen footage chronicles the bands rise to glory.  Glory. 

"In the terrain of rock bands – implosion or explosion is seemingly inevitable. U2 has defied the gravitational pull towards destruction…this band has endured and thrived. From The Sky Down asks the question why," says Guggenheim. 

The most horrible trailer of all time- makes me want to die.

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