Nostalgic Tunes, Lookin' Backwards

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Lately I've been listening to some older tunes, and feeling awfully nostalgic.  I've noticed that now it makes me feel like an angsty teen from the era, depending when the song is from.  Here's a good list of some songs from a while ago that're sure to stir up some old feelings.

1.  "The Anthem"- Good Charlotte.  I remember first hearing this song- this was the gateway band that led me to Fall Out Boy and My Chem, then it just escalated from there.  This song was totally my favourite tune ever for a very long time, and I still love it.

2.  "Shut Up"- Simple Plan.  I just remember singing this at the top of my lungs whenever I was home alone; I loved it so much, and they were the first band I remember seeing.  It was so fun, and I felt wicked cool for seeing a rock band.

3.  "Heart Attack"- Sum 41.  Sum 41 never fails to blow me away, and this tune reminds me of when I was younger, and first started to expand my taste in music.  It's one of the songs that make you want to jump around your bedroom obnoxiously, and just hearing it right now makes me smile.

4.  "Prove It"- Bad Religion.  Bad Religion is always a good band to listen to when you're in a punky mood, and this song is perfect for it.  It's a big middle finger to society and being judged, which is the epitome of teenage angst.

5.  "I'm The One"- Black Flag.  The intense vocals, the insane instruments, and just the overall feel are enough to make you wish you were born earlier to be part of the old school punk scene.

6.  "Chicago Is So Two Years Ago"- Fall Out Boy.  I'm not exactly sure why, but this song always reminds me a bit of punk.  It's fast and reminiscent of just being a kid, and I love it.

7.  "Highway 101"- Social Distortion.  It's such a brilliant song that really encapsulates what rock music is.  It's emotional, catchy, and still fun to listen to.  Social D is a perfect example of what it means to be hardcore.

8.  "Boys and Girls"- Good Charlotte.  This tune was one that I'd listen to daily, and feel kind of grown up listening to.  GC has always had that "I'm a teenager, I'm angsty, I'm gonna write songs about it", making them probably one of the best bands ever.

These old songs reminded me of growing up, and I had almost forgotten just how much I loved them.  Looking back, these are the bands that shaped my tastes today, and I still love listening to them.


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