Nick Cave Is Recording A New Album In Los Angeles,… According to Susie Cave

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You may know that Susie Cave, Nick Cave’s wife, has a blog called the Vampire’s Wife, and she just posted an update. We are sorry to learn Susie doesn’t feel very well (she has the flu) but at the same time, she is not totally complaining and has lovely words to describe her illness and her fever dreams. This would be totally anecdotal if she was not revealing another interesting thing: Nick Cave is recording a new album in Los Angeles! This is what Susie wrote:


I’ve caught an autumn flu and I’m bedridden. But sometimes it’s so nice to be sick, don’t you think, because I can go to bed and I don’t have to do anything and I can watch nature documentaries and read books and sleep. The great thing is when I am ill, I have lucid fever dreams. And in these fever dreams, whole collections of dresses reveal themselves. They are my Fever Dresses. So all I do is dream the dresses and draw them into a large pad I keep by the bed. What a lovely job! The other great thing is that the husband almost immediately drops what he is doing and looks after me. He understands that we grievers are vulnerable when sick or when tired and need to be brought cups of ginger tea. Unfortunately, he is not here. He is in LA making a new record. Some of his songs reveal themselves at night in his fever dreams. They are his Fever Songs. What lovely jobs we have. Love and lurgies, Susie x’


it will be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ 17th album and the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2016 ‘Skeleton Tree’

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