"New Year's Eve" Reviewed (More or Less)

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How bad can a movie with Bon Jovi getting slapped not once, but twice? Pretty fucking bad. Perhaps if Gerry Marshall had Katherine Hegl slap every member of the casr they might have been on to something.

Tis New Year's Eve and all about nyc various interloccking story lines go in seacrh of a happy ending.

How stupid is this flick? Jon plays rock star who is trying to get to marry but bloted a year earlier. How does he manage this? He cancels a worldwide tour to become a househusband. In other film at eleven news, Robert BeNiro is dying of cancer, Anigal Breslin (the most annoying actress on Planet Eart) is looking for her first gift, Xac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer try to fulfil a bucketlist. And on and on.

Indisputab;y the worst movie of the year.

The music is horrendoius. A ballad Bon Jovi and Lea Michelle sing should be shotr at dawn.

Movie: F

Music: C-


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