new songs w/o 5/4/09; second thoughts on new Conor

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A real good week this week. Two singles into the new Ciara, I like Justin Timberlake a lot but MAYBE he is spreading himself a bit thin -still “Love, Sex, Magic” is a pretty good dance track and “Never Ever” -with Young Jeezy is somewhat awesome… This is almost as good as Beyonce though the dream cut is no “Single girls”). However, for some reason it’s Aaliyah not beyonce i find myself thinking about.

I have never seen Oasis worse than at MSG last year -and i’ve seen Oasis suck often and hard. Here is their story: buy every single thing they released in in 1990s and nearly nothing this decade. because really, it’s not about Liam’s grate and greating voice, or even the definition of plod rock which is their back up bands. It’s about Noel’s songs and they ain’t there anymore.
So it was with some surprise i thoroughly enjoyed two covers and one original from a solo album by Noel Gallagher “The Dreams We Have As Children (Live For Teenage Cancer trust)”. It’s as if Gallagher Senior feels as though he is reclaiming his own songs from his little brother. The Smith’s cover (“There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”) proves something I’ve long thought -Morrissey was born to be covered.
Another cut off the newbie, Eminem’s “Old Time’s Sake,” has Dre rapping and a solid drum sample -who could ask for anything more?
Lead cut off Yusufs’s “Roadsinger” is a snooze. Jimmy Buffet hasn’t knocked my sox off since his duet with country giant Alan Jackson in 2003 on “It’s five O’clock Somewhere’. Buffet didn’t write “Five o’clock” but he definitely wrote the blueprint for it. “Summerzcool” isn’t a blueprint, it’s a paint by number.
Electronica had a good week: Lady Sovereign’s “I Got You dancing,” is awesome -can’t wait to see her tonight, “Leather” by Death In Vegas is a bit blippy at first but rocks hard in an 80s way once you get in and “Serpentine” by Peaches is all thud and jut with a real sexy vocal and prolly the song of the week. And it’s a miracle david Johanssen and the New York Doll can still pull off glitter punk like “‘Cause I Said So”.
The “Eagle On A Pole” off Conor Oberst’s new album is not a remix of the song on last years album but a different song with the same name by a member of the band. And it’s not very good. The album, “Outer South,” is not very good, it is very, very, very good. At least two great Conor songs and maybe another three very, very good Conor songs, a crap cover, and there are at least two strongish songs by other members of his group the Mystic Valley Band. That still leaves it his least very, very, very good album in a decade.

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