New Music Week of May 2nd, 2011: Be There Now

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I Won't Be The One To Let You Down – Barry Manilow And Barbra Streisand – Barbra can make any song better but there isn't much she can do with DOA ballad. Manilow can't even make a bad song better.

Hypnotico – Jennifer Lopez -Sure, it sounds like it was written by a committee and so what? Written by committee, written by a machine, written by a dream machine. Who cares? Great dance music.

Pop Your Balloon – Beastie Boys – I didn't realize who this was for the first five seconds, the "buggaddee buggadee buggadee" and I loved it. Now I am wondering if I got the album wrong.

Two Against One (feat Jack White) – Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi – Look, if you have to listen to jack White listen to the second White Stripes album, and if you have to listen more, listen to this song. A real good bluessing low key bruiser.

Single – Musiq Soulchild – There is a whole world of alt-y soul guys, the children of Maxwell,. And they would be much better if they wrote good songs. It sounds nice but it doesn't stick.

Montezuma – Fleet Foxes – Alt folk of the first order based around CSN&Y type harmonies. This album is one of the best of the year by the way, and twhen the background harmonies come in it is heavenly. Could be major. TRACK OF THE WEEK

Original Sin – INX – Unbearable version of apretty good song.. Effortlessly gives miscegenation a bad name, but then that is Rob Thomas taking over vocals so it would.

Better Than Today – Kylie Minogue – From her current tour live EP and I am not quite sure why she can't break the s=States. Seriously, it is as good as any one and better than most. Her voice is a bit too weedy but so if everybody elses.

Every Day (Coolin') – Swizz Beatz – When did he get behind the 8 ball. One of the most anoying samples in weeks (it sounds a bit like those buzzers during the South African Soccer champianionships), goes absolutely nowhere.

Turtleneck And Chain – The LOnely Island – May I be the last to say, this joke, much like Andy Sanberg, isn't aging well.

Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum – Sure it jumped to number # 2 in the Itunes charts. It is a dreadul, like unbearable, power ballad. Quite possibly the worst thing they've ever done.


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