New favourite songs playlist- punk goes crunk?

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What's happening to me?  In the past few days I've been listening to some songs that are totally not my usual stuff.  Here's my top eight most played songs lately.

1.  "Can't Stop Partyin'"- Weezer.  Only for the Lil' Wayne part.  It's so catchy.

2.  "The Manual"- Travie Mccoy.  I've always been a fan of him, but the way this song is composed is great, and I've listened to it easily six or seven times in the past two days.

3.  "Party Rock Anthem"- LMFAO.  My friends and I did a dance to it two weeks ago, and it's been on constant repeat ever since.

4.  "Club Can't Handle Me"- Flo Rida.  It's a perfect dance song.

5.  "Fit But You Know It"- The Streets.  This one's a little better, but not much.  His thick accent makes this tune so unique.

6.  "The Lazy Song"- Bruno Mars.  I've caught myself singing this so often…

7.  "Dynamite"- Taio Cruz.  "I THROW MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIIII-"..

8. "Paper Planes"- M.I.A.  Also not as bad, but totally not my usual.  It's perfect.

Someone needs to check me into a hospital or something. 


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