Neon Trees "Everybody Talks", reviewed

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Well this is a cute little video.  A nice animated romp reminiscent of the old Sherman and Peabody style cartoon.  I would love this band madly if it weren't for the faux accent of lead singer, Tyler Glen. "E'rybody Tawwwwwwkz', is a hip yet annoying pronunciation.

The music is fantastic, so upbeat and with loads of high and lows.  Tempo? Perfection.  Even the voice is fine- its just how its said.  Petty? Perhaps but like a small pebble in your shoe at first it can be overlooked, four hours in and you want to amputate your leg.  I cant for the life of me understand why this would be allowed.  It just dumbs down a great song and takes it from amazing to annoying.

The Neon Trees are in a giant boat of competition.  This entire genre is so un indie its mainstream, these trees could be king. 

A sense of humor is a treasure these days and this video shows what a strong and upbeat sense they have.   Just a damn shame it has to be overshadowed by false showmanship.  Then again when you have someone with fantastic talent who opt's to stand out in the crowd with Misfits hairdo- chances are we're traveling down the wrong path.

Suggestion?  Lose fake bar accent, fix the 'do and keep going.  You're too damn cool of a band to be distracting potential fans with absurdity.

Oh and get the hell off VEVO

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