Nasty Bastards Of Rock And Roll, John Fogerty: The First In A Long, Long Line

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You thought I was gonna choose Van Morrison or maybe even go to jazz with Miles Davis but no. The stories of John Fogerty’s nastiness are legion and  I was a witness to one.
Late 90s I went to see Fogerty at Radio City Music Hall and Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams band) were opening. Halfway through the set Adams announced “This is gonna be our last concert opening for John Fogerty. We’ve been kicked off the tour.” Adams stopped, looked unhappily at the audience and shook his head. “You know what sucks?” He said. “It sucks when you find out one of your heroes is just a completely horrible person.”
I heard he wouldn’t let Adams even have a sound check, ignored the band when they came to introduce themselves, and was horrible to everybody from his band to the stage hands.
There is a back story to Fogerty though. He got royally ripped off in Creedence Clearwater Revival -lost his royalties, lost his band name, and got sued for sounding too much like the band he wrote for.
That is enough to piss anybody off but the stories of rudeness to fans, both in and out of the business, can’t all be lies and that night at Radio City it caught up with him.
Of course, Ryan adams has his own problems but that’s for another episode of NASTY BASTARDS OF ROCK

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