Miley Cyrus Launches New Foundation For Homeless And LGBT Youth Community

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Miley Cyrus

I have never thought Miley Cyrus was a stupid and shallow girl, I just have a problem to listen to her when she sings or even speaks. Still, she is just proving she not only has strong opinions but she is also ready to put them in action: she has established the Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization that aims to bring awareness towards homeless and LGBT youth community, as the website states that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT.

Miley is going to raise money for her foundation with the help of Facebook during the Backyard Sessions. She has teamed up with many artist (including Joan Jett, Ariana Grande, Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Melanie Safka) for unique performances. Facebook will have the exclusivity for each video with an option for a donation toward the Happy Hippie Foundation.

‘Pointless judgment and its effects are unfortunately something that is way too common,’ declared Cyrus. ‘All humans have valid feelings and rights! I want to use my voice as a megaphone to young people everywhere and encourage human evolution. No one should have to hide who they really are, no matter what his or her name, gender or status. That’s why Happy Hippies are here to say that every life is valuable!’ Please tell her she doesn’t need a megaphone, her voice is loud enough!

The first video, released on Tuesday, features Joan Jett whom Cyrus inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and they sing together ‘Different’, a track off Jett and the Blackhearts’ ‘Unvarnished’… And for those who think it is a sort of sign of the apocalypse, well Jett really digs the girl: ‘I think what Miley’s doing is wonderful and important to help people find their authentic selves, I’m proud to be a part of it,’ she said to Rolling Stone.

This announcement just comes when Miley is revealing she is probably what you call a bisexual person? She said that not all of her past relationships were ‘straight or heterosexual’ ones, and she has also called Bruce Jenner her ‘her'” for bringing much attention on transgender issues. ‘I didn’t want to be a boy. I kind of wanted to be nothing,’ declared Cyrus. ‘I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.’

On Wednesday, she continued her freedom reaffirmation by posting on Instagram ‘NOTHING can/will define me! Free to be EVERYTHING!!!!’ Miley certainly is not someone you can put in a box indeed, and think what you want about her – and I don’t think much of her art – this girl has some guts.

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