My Fave Tracks, Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

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1. MemoIr – Charlotte Gainsbourg – If you thought Charlotte was a Beckified electronica doll, she was… but not any longer. This is a folkie lowkey affair with a touch of the chantoosy!

2. Pay It Back – Elvis Costello – Speaking of revenge (which Alyson is elsewhere) here Elvis gets caught between a doctor a doctor and a magistrate while swearing to pay it back though you know he never will.

3. Gold Mine – Breanne Duren – Pop gem from Owl City back up singer.

4. Code Pink Dub – Poly Styrene – Here the Youth influence becomes very clear.

5. This Is easy – Marshall crenshaw – A blast of pure pop pleasure like they don't make any more (Except for marshall, he can make it when he feels like it)

6. Got A Lot O' Living To do – Elvis Presley

7. As If we Never Said Goodbye – Glee – Why is this sounding like a classic all of a sudden?

8. Where them Girls At – David Guetta – Still thinking about this one.

9. Till The World ends (FF remix) – Britney Spears

10. A World Without Love – Peter And Gordon


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