My Fave Tracks, Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

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Give It All Back – Noah And The Whale – So, he got over his broken heart that sank “The First Day Of Spring” in such morose and lovely melancholy and here Charlie Fink sounds, if not happy, at least lively. I bought the newbie and haven’t really listened to it yet but I think it isn’t quite as good as the last one.

2. Things – Bobby Darin – Killer pop song, “When I’m not thinking  of just how much I love you, I’m thinking about the things we used to do”. I’ve got a Jerry Lee version that cuts this. The chick background singers are bit annoying.

3. Outside Inside – The Streets – The computer blips he is rapping against are so techny, that the rap feels dehumanized at first. But he gets it right within a minute. His best song in five years. Song Of the Week.

4.When My Baby Comes (Cat’s Power) – Grinderman – Nick cave is getting so English, here he joins forces with the bloke from the Horrors and everybody wins. the chick singer is awesome… again.

5. Push – Avril Lavigne – Sounds a helluva lot like Alanis Morrisette

6. Hey hey hey hey – The Jim Jone revue – yes, that “HEY HEY HEY HEY”.

7. Bizness – Tune-Yards – I note she’s knocked of the cap/small case typing of her name.

8.  For Anyone – Beady Eye

9. Spare me – Caitlin Rose

10. The Boat That I Row – Neil Diamond


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