My Fave Tracks, Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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1. Moonlight Becomes You – Mel Tome- this is off the velvet fog, even though he looked more like a frog, classic "A Tribute To Bing Crosby" album and if you have memories of da Bing and Daorothy Lamore, forget em for a moment because Mel with his smooth like glass, a sort of sharpness with no edges , he can make you forget Bing. A great cover.

2. Better Off Dead – Randy Newman – Randy's version of a really, really bad romance. "Better off dead then living with someone, who just doesn't give a shit what happens to you…" Randy advises, elongating, the "s" like a knife stabbed in your chest. In the end he can only tell you to put some serious distance between you and your loved one.

3. Memoir – Charlotte Gainsbourg – Look, she is only half French so why does everything she touch feel so French.

4. Where Them Girls At (feat nicki Minaj and Flo rida) – David Guetta – Flo Rida is on fire and the back up harmonies, the "ooh ooh"'s are ace with me.

5. Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce – If the rest of the album is half this good, I will be happy to take back my request she trip on heels.

6. S&M (Remix) – Rihanna – People don't seem to love this. Me? I like it lots… neither are great singers, but it is the equivalent of Kurt cobain and Eddie Vedder sharing a mic: worth it for the historic value.

7. Gold Mine – Breanne Duren – A perfect little lover's rocker pop song.

8. A World Without Love – Peter And Gordon – "Please loch me away…" And Gordon was the sex symbol.

9. Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do – Elvis Presley – From one of presley's best movies, "Loving You".

10. Till The World Ends – Britney Spears – Saved the album, I'm telling ya.



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