My Fave Tracks, Sunday, March 13th, 2011

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1. C’mon Everybody – Eddie Cochran – The weekend is here, the parents out of town, time for a party.

2. The Downfall Of Us All – A Day To Remember – My problem with hardcore remains constant: it is all form over content, the rules are too rigid. But this is like popcore and probably explains why they are so popular. They are the Vandals of core.

3. Tears – Marsha Ambrosius – Full on soul ballad of the first order off  the album of the year.

4. The Words That Maketh Murder – PJ Harvey – I am still exploring the album but this song is an undeniable work of artistry and disaster.

5. Digging For Something (Acoustic) – Superchunk – They should think about doing more acoustic work. The songs stand up well to simplicity.

6. Don’t Believe A Word – Thin Lizzy – Unbridled sexism as emotional vulnerabilty.

7. Mine Smell Like Honey – R.E.M.

8. Shell Game – Bright Eyes

9. Big Girl – Darlings

10. Price Tag – Jessie J

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