My Fave Tracks, Saturday, May 7th, 2011

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1. Ribossa (feat. Pitbull) – Shakira – Sexy merengue, all punctuated sax swings and hip sways and… er, ass sways? I think that's what she wants Pitbull to kiss her in.

2. Hypnotico – Jennifer Lopez – Pretty good salsa dance number, produced by RED ONE -we know that. WRITTEN BY LADY GAGA??? You coulda fooled me…

3. Halloween Pt 1 and 2 – Laura Stevenson and the can – The instrumention intro is pro-rock acoustic intro. The vocal a haunted foregrown till everything is moved up a notch and the effecting is like a room where the corners are circling in on you.

4. It's So cool – Madonna – This is the song she wrote with Lourdes and I hope and pray Lourdes is responsible for the lyric because otherwise there is no excuse for it "save your soul it's all a test, save your soul it's for the best…" The song hs nothing else going for it except a catchy drum rhyth. Madonna should keep Lourdes out of harms way and bury this dog .

5. Complaintes Pour Ste Catherine – Kate And Anna McGarrigle – When we say the French can't rock what we mean is the French language isn't harsh enough to translate well to rock. It is real good with folk.

6. Rewrite – Paul Simon – Eagerly anticipating his concert at the Beacon on Tuesday, I go back to the album. We live in the world of the album as summer blockbuster, three weeks past release date and it is already home. So going back to the album, it still sounds real good. Especially this one with the lovely strings…

7. Big City Blues – Barry Manilow And Mel Torme – dates from 1980 amd Manilow has never sounded sexier. Not even close.

8. Two Against One (feat Jack White) – Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi – Hmmm, I all ready with a stroppy comment but it could be worse. Gimme a second. Got it: why does White always sound so desperate. He sings like a teenager complaining objecting to a 10pm curfer on a Friday night.

9. Heart Like A Wheel – Linda Ronstadt – So the question is, how much dope will Peter Asher drop? I'mm tell you on Sunday. My bet? Not much.

10. Whatever You Want – Consequence


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