My Fave Tracks, Sunday, May 8th, 2011

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1. Day After Day – Badfinger – Classic stuff. Harrison's guitar is a rhymic blast before some lovely riffs.

2. Jail Guitar Doors – The Clash – Strummer sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles and the chorus is one long hook.

3. What's This Thing Called/It's All Right With Me – Steve Ross – The dream of style here is overwhelming. The voice glides and the tone has a slight edge to: stylish, maybe too stylish, but complete just with piano.

4. Hot Mess – Cobra Starship – Their reakout dance rock fun thrilla from two years and what next?

5. Rabiosa – Shakira -Her best moment since "She Wolf" but with zero weirdness, the sax is pure rhythm and syncopation.

6. I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles – From the steadily rising notes at the start -stolen from the Isley brothers of course, to the handclaps, to the pitching harmonies, pure pop as desire. It was this that changed the States, not "She Loves You".

7. Halloween Pt 1 and 2 – LAura Stevenson and the Cans – A haunting slab of indie rock

8. Hypnatico – Jennifer Lopez – She never could sing and she can't much dance any more. Proof that she don't need to be gifted to be great..

9. The Afterlife – Paul Simon

10. Material Girl – Madonna – That synth lick near the start is neither dated nor current… it is timeless!


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