My Fave Track, Thursday, April 14th, 2011

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1. Keep Your Heart – TV On The Radio – During the verse, where they use a falsetto, there is a sense of such a deep and strong bond love it seems to encapsule a mood that runs through the edges of this terrific, terrifc album. By the time you read this I'll know if they were great at dadio city.

2. Willie Has Gone to The War – St. Mary University's – If you listen to war songs, up to WW2, you will often hear an echo of Anglican hymns. You can on this remarkable song. The next line is "Willie, my loved one has gone".

3. Dazzling Blue – Payl Simon – Simply terrific syncopated African rhythm dazzled by the synchronicity of true love.

4. Old Alabama – Brad Paisley – Yowzer, killer country rocker, featuring the namesake band. Same problem, though, vocals a touch weak.

5. Open Heart Surgery – Beth Ditto – Timeless disco whomp by the formmer Gossip girl.

6. Tomboy – Panda Bear – Title track a little out there, if it was the first track I'd heard I probably wouldn't have pursued him further.

7. Surprise, Surprise – Brett Dennen – Cali singer songwriter and probably the best I've heard this year. I tried another track and it was equally good. Gonna go for a third.

8. Hold My Breath (Holy Ghost) – Wolfram

9. S&M (Remix) – Rihanna feat Britney Spears – A coupla days later, they compliment each other pretty well.

10. Young Forever – The Ready Set


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