Must See: Lykke Li At the Apollo Theatre, May 2014

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Me Lykke

Me Lykke

Sweden’s answer to Robyn (that’s a joke folks, lighten up) has been a sensation since she was a 21 year old and emerged from the primal oozed out soup of Scandinavia to add doo wop to icey modern pop tones of her homeland. 

Lykke looks model gorgeous -useful because she is indeed a model and  has the hip gloss lip gloss of a major pop star, maybe bigger than she actually is, but maybe not, I figure she has hit the 100 Million streams on Spotify, enough to make a lot riding on her third album I Never Learn, dropping May6th.

Alyson Camus really liked the first single here and I don’t actively dislike it though I’m not really a big fan though the decision to buy a tix on presale was nearly entirely random. I mean, I don’t even like the Apollo all that much, so I don’t know why I decided to go. I guess the excellent “Unrequited Love” was good enough a reason.

Poor Alyson couldn’t get a ticket, and the Apollo was an almost instantaneous sell out and I kind of get it; Lykke is a real songwriter who digs down deep. I mentioned Robyn facetiously earlier but really. they are both songwriter’s songwriters: there is an expertise here that’s all but undeniable.

Also, I don’t know who handles Li’s licensing but you can’t throw a brick in Hollywood without hitting someone using one of her songs on a movie soundtrack. It is both hip and catchy and deeply felt (or so it sez here) and the newbie should be more of the same.

So, sell the house and hie thee to Stubhub for Lykke’s May 15th gig.

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