Music Writer Jessica Hopper Was Staying At The Cobain Estate In April 1994

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Jessica Hopper


Jessica Hopper is a music journalist, she writes for Pitchfork among other publications and she recently reviewed Grimes’ ‘Art Angels’ and gave it a 8.5… May be she has bad tastes, after all she participated into this Stephin Merritt bashing in 2006, posting this entry on her blog… She wrote a book from a female rock critic perspective, but this is not why I am interested by her… curiously she was very much involved in some very famous events which occurred 21 years ago in Seattle.and had a huge impact on music.

Yes, curiously Jessica Hopper was staying at Kurt Cobain’s house when he died, because she was the girlfriend of Michael ‘Cali’ DeWitt, the Cobains’ male nanny. So Jessica got very close and personal with the Cobains, Cali was a former roadie with Courtney’s band Hole, and he was originally hired as a nanny for Frances,… some say he was also an heroin addict and thus they could continue their drug use and be sure he would not alert the authorities.

Here is the timeline of the events according to biographer Charles R. Cross: Kurt was home on Saturday, April 2nd, only 6 days before he was found dead, and went to Cali’s room around 6 am, sat on the end of the bed and even sang ‘Hey skinhead girl’ to Jessica, who asked him to call Courtney because ‘she was freaking out’. They made a call but Courtney wasn’t taking any calls. … ‘Over the next two days there were scattered sightings of Kurt.’

On Monday April 4th, Cali had left the house for the evening, and Jessica heard noises around midnight: ‘I heard footsteps upstairs and in the hall’, she recalled. ‘They were walking with a purpose, you know, not tip-toeing about, so I assumed it was Kurt.’ She called out ‘hello’, but got no answer.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hole’s Eric Erlandson was sent by Courtney to the house to look for Kurt. However, Erlandson and the couple didn’t think about searching the garage or the greenhouse. Courtney pretends she continued to phone home, but her calls went unanswered. On the night of Wednesday, April 6th, private detective Tom Grant who had been hired by Courtney Love, flew to Seattle.

Cobain’s body was found on April 8th but, according to the police report, Cali was transported by taxi from the Cobain home to the airport the day before, on Thursday, April 7th, whereas Jessica had left for Minneapolis on Wednesday, April 6th. According to Charles Cross, by all accounts, she was present when Erlandson arrived at the estate the day before.

The most interesting part of the story is that both departures were precipitated and Hopper claimed she was very distressed, vomiting in the driveway while departing the estate: ‘I was sick for two days when I got back because I was such a mess.’ What could have make her so sick? Was she on drugs? Did she see something? She never said anything more than this but it is extremely strange and very convenient that they both left just before the body was discovered. She was probably one of the last persons to speak to Kurt before he died, however the police has never interviewed her?

Very recently she was asked about the events of April 1994 by a journalist during her book tour in Dublin, and you can listen to her distraught answer here… or rather lack of answer. Hopper became very upset, she broke down, cried and avoided the question. Why is she still so upset about something which happened 20 years ago and why can’t she even talk about it? What were these footsteps she heard upstairs? Even Courtney Love is not crying when she talks about her husband’s death…

Jessica Hopper has always admired Courtney Love, who took her under her wings when she was just a teenager, as for Cali, he reportedly worships Love too and was following her everywhere at the time, mostly because he could get free heroin?

A few weeks later, Tom Grant says Courtney told him that she gave Cali $30,000 to go to a rehab somewhere back east, and that she was angry because he took his girlfriend with him. Many people think that Cali was involved in Cobain’s death or at least that he knows much more than he has said so far… what a mess this story is… But despite all this (or may be because of Courtney Love’s generous wings) Jessica Hopper has written for the Chicago Reader, Spin, LA Weekly, The Village Voice,, Punk Planet and currently works as the editor-in-chief at The Pitchfork Review. Listen to her

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52 Responses to “Music Writer Jessica Hopper Was Staying At The Cobain Estate In April 1994”

  1. Barbara Wolf

    How bout you come clean Jessica and finally tell what you really know! Courtney paved and paid your way all these years, why? A real journalist tells the truth. …. what or who ate you hiding?

    • Barbara Wolf

      Let me update, Hopper is only mentioned in Kurt and Cl life the week of his death! Close, personal friend of cl’s, bullshit! She was screwing the help to get to the stars, typical groupie behavior! But, she knows something, no doubt!

    • Lola

      I have never heard that she was there. She certainly knows something to be so upset about it.
      I think Cali was involved in getting Kurt back to his house but I don’t think he did it.
      I would say Allen Wrench did the dirty work .
      It would not have been hard to shoot Kurt up & then carry him to the greenhouse.
      He only weighed 115 1bs & I just think that pos Wrench did it.
      He was mean & violent, just like Courtney.
      He had alot of cash a new car right after that.
      I’d bet Dylan Carlson told Courtney that Kurt was filing for divorce bcuz she probably gave him a life-time supply of heroin.
      That was a secret & Kurt would have told Dylan who he thought was his best friend.
      What a smarmy bunch & poor Kurt just wanted to get away from Courtney & the whole lot of them.

  2. GrungeQueen

    Jessica Hopper knows exactly what happened to Kurt. There are too many people involved in this cover-up, it is enormous. If she was a decent human being, she would come forward and tell the truth about what happened, obviously, she is just another money-hungry degenerate. Kurt Cobain was beyond all of these low-life’s, they are all making money today because of him.
    He had more talent and compassion than each and every one of these PATHETIC losers combined. They will all burn in hell for what they did.
    Karma is a bitch!!

    • Jennifer

      Its not Karma its God She worships Buddah There is no Buddah she will be in hell no matter what, Its sad because no one has done her in. Im talking about Courtney, Everything i wrote is about Courtney that sick think!!!

      • Matt D Fisher

        Ya this shit pisses me off big time, I’ve always thought she had him killed, th I those three murders cali, Jessica, love, and u would thank California, or Jessica would come clean before they die, so that bitch can rot in prison love, and use fans of he’s can see he’s all good and we know the truth,

        : : sincerely,

    • Mike kick

      What do you mean they’re making money? Courtney’s a nobody, she’ll do a cameo here and there but shes pretty much a nobody. she could’ve gained more wealth and fame than she could ever imagined if he was still alive. Everyone else like Cali and Jessica and Dylan were just loyal to her bc she supplied them with heroin.


        Do you know how much money the band Nirvana makes in a year? Multiple Millions. As Kurts wife at the time of his death, Courtney Love has since been the executor of one of the most expensive deceased estates of all time! Kurt Cobain/Nirvana?? $$$$ One of the most successful Rock bands in History. Hello??? Of course she wouldnt have made more money with Kurt alive, he was on the run from her, to diviorce her and leave her with nothing. They were seperated. He contacted his attorney rosemary carrol to write up a will without courtney, so he could divorce her quickly. The only reason he went to rehab was because Courtney threatened to not let him see Frances. He ignored about 200 of her calls from the rehab. He was on the run from Courtney as she and Cali Dewitt tried and failed to kill him with Rohypnol in Rome a month earlier.

      • Lola

        No, she would have been Kurt Cobains ex.
        That’s why he was killed bcuz he wanted to leave Courtney & the band too
        There was no suicide note, that was to his fans explaining why he had to quit.
        They hated each other by then & Courtney knew that all his money would go to Frances if she did not take care of him right then.
        Her lifestyle would have been drastically downgraded.
        Now she has 150 million & has been living off that since his death.
        She seems ok with that.

      • Truth and Justice for Kurt

        High, yeah, no. She inherited MILLIONS after Cobain’s death and stood to gain NOTHING hsd he survived since A.) They had a prenup B.) Kurt’s lawyer was RECORDED (as well as from verbal accounts of others) that Kurt was about to have her completely removed from his will and C.) It could be easily proven Courtney was guilty of adulatory and therefore would get no alimony from a divorce D.) Like many artists, Kurt’s value skyrocketed after his death and Courtney like anyone was well aware that’s what happens.

  3. sudon't

    Oh, brother. “Why is she still so upset about something which happened 20 years ago and why can’t she even talk about it?” Probably because dingbats like you never quit asking insinuating and offensive questions about people she cared about. I’ve only read this one article and already I never want to hear about it again.

    • Yuri

      Ad hominem, derision and callous dismissal and after, as you say, “only one article.” I hope for your loved one’s sake you’re never die surrounded by suspicious circumstances. Very callous and smug. Nice 👌

  4. Matthew Richer

    Jessica Hopper knows a great deal about Kurt Cobain’s final days and refuses to reveal the facts. Her claim that Kurt Cobain “was like family to me” is laughable. She was just a teenager at the time and had only met Kurt a handful of times. The reality is that Jessica Hopper was Courtney Love’s most devoted groupie during the early 90s (and in many ways, still is). For example, Courtney arranged for Jessica to write a derogatory review of a Foo Fighters album for SPIN when she was just 20 (Not bad for someone who didn’t even attend college). More recently, Jessica landed a position as Editorial Director at MTV (which has always been slavishly pro-Courtney). I guess loyalty to Courtney has its rewards. As for loyalty to Kurt, clearly Jessica Hopper has none.

    • k

      Hey Matt, I have some interesting things about the crime scene utube cadomo sting just search cobain logic on utube

      • Kurdtcobain

        Hey! Would love to get in touch with you K. Message me on twitter@KurdtCobain1967

    • Mathew Bush

      Hey dude i lived in seattle in 94 know hopper dewitt really well my house mate sold drugs to rene,cali and few others anyway rumour at the time was hopper and some other girl i forget her name found kurt dead in greenhouse and took off from the house apparently they all new kurt was dead befour it was announced love ,dewitt ,hopper, everyone knew befour he found by electo which by the way was a set up because everyone took off from the house .cheers thought i would share

      • E

        If they found him and they all knew, I’m sure Dylan did to, maybe a girl named Jennifer Adamson. Where dies Allen Wrench take part in all this. It’s pretty crazy Kristen Plaff dead, El Duce dead, one of the medical examiners dead, Jennifer Adams who was interviewed by Charles Cross died of over dose, it’s all so fucked up. I mean if they found his body why would everyone run…and wtf are people staying in his house for anyway, it’s fucking weird.

        • Yuri

          Allen Wrench’s involvement is at best, a total smokescreen. I.e. he’s been paid to say the things he’s said and masquerade as a hired hit man and to be a distraction from DeWitt and CLove. Either that or he (or someone like him, someone with the physical strength and psychological makeup) was brought in AFTER Kurt was already dead to set up the scene and fire the shotgun into Kurt’s already deceased body. Although not impossible, it’s hard for me to imagine DeWitt being the one to carry Cobain’s body from the house, outside and then up the stairs into the greenhouse/garage. I believe Kurt died or at least was incapacitated in the house and moved to the greenhouse. The electrician said Kurt’s hair looked “neatly combed” and it was all laid out. If a person has long hair and you throw their body over your shoulder, with your arm(s) holding their legs in front of you and their head/torso hanging down behind you, their hair will of course be hanging down. If you then flip them over and onto the floor, their hair would be all laid out like that, like it had been “combed out.” If they were sitting on the floor and then shot themselves through the mouth (especially with a shotgun) their hair would be hanging down normally behind their head and neck and then the force of the gun shot would send them flying back and down and much of their hair would be underneath their head, not all laid out. Anyway, just one small observation of an inconsistency in a death scene absolutely FULL of them. So much that it can be hard to follow for alot of people. Incredibly sad. Also, all the other very strange “coincidental” deaths that surround this case; Det. Antonio Terry, Kristen Pfaff, El Duce, Hartshorne, Jennifer Adamson, that guy Toby (I forget his last name) who was investigating the case and had a website and there’s several more I’m forgetting off the top of my head. Not to mention the bvb subsequent suicides which made mention of Kurt’s death as being a catalyst for theirs. I reccomend reading the transcriptions of Frances Barnett’s website. He(she?) is the best citizen investigator on the Cobain death I’ve seen and has alot of good insight and information. Also, be skeptical of the dates of when Rene, J.Hopper and J.Adamson but in particular Rene and J. Hopper were at the Cobain residence. It’s likely that Rene and Jessica Hopper left 171 Lake Washington well before the 6th. Th he best/most reliable investigators in this case state that Hopper and this Rene guy had left by the evening of Saturday April 2nd or early on Sunday April 3rd and before Cobain had died. If any of them were still in the house past the 3rd and were involved with the death, it’d have been Jennifer Adamson. Regardless, the focus should remain on DeWitt and Courtney.

      • E

        Jennifer Adamson…who was interviewed by Charles Cross and was dead a few months after the interview in 1999.

      • Sophie Smith

        Matthew Bush, I have heard this before! Would you be willing to talk about it further?

        Im a psychology student very interested in this case.

  5. Huber Sergio

    Ja, still the same “new facts” since.. 1995!!! Nothing is new,also if many circumstances where strange.. but when you saw,heard what Kurt was telling, it was allready clear what will happen to this suffering man with depressions,heavy addiction to smack etc. who told in interviews that he tried to suicide before and that it is an opportunity anyway. He exactly knew what he did,also the legacy he creats while dying with 27..
    Sure,people do know more about the suicide.but they where heavy smack junkies like genius Kurt. And where I life, pre-judge makes nobody guilty!!!

    • P.L.

      No offense intended Huber, but first off, you’re on the Internet, I’m pretty sure you can use it to check spelling and grammar. Yeah, pretty sure.

      Second, watch soaked in bleach, or better yet, go search for all official documentation and photographs yourself. I mean, I’ve never done heroin before, but luckily there are already medical studies to show that the amount of heroin found in Kurt’s system (go look at the toxicology report) makes it physically impossible for Kurt to have neatly packed away his drug paraphinelia, picked up the shot gun and shoot himself in the head.

      Also he wasn’t depressed. But you don’t have to believe me, go do your own research which should be “more unbiased”, because I don’t think you’ll believe anyone who tells you otherwise, as it seems you’ve kind of made up your mind.

      • Mike kick

        That movie was nothing but “here say” these people were all junkies saying whatever comes to their mind. All that movie proves was how much of a lunatic and drug addict Courtney was.

    • Jack On

      I know it’s been years since this was posted, but nonetheless… The main reason why A LOT of addicts commit suicide is the things they have to do to feed the addiction. Kurt was not in this particular situation. Money wasn’t the issue. Mainly he wanted to wait until he had his own will to stop using. Anyone who has a bit of knowledge about the subject will tell you this. Plus, he had this viper (who he wanted to part ways with) trying to take control of his life, when HER OWN LiFE was a complete mess. She had the motive, opportunity and will to do it.

  6. Kee

    Just watched Soaked In Bleach for the first time on Saturday. I can’t believe this case is not being re-opened. I also saw an older film about it with that El Duce guy saying that Courtney was offering $50k… It’s sad that everyone just sums it up as another junkie suicide.

  7. Carolyn crneck

    Well the way I see it is Courtney is missing out on the love of her life.. The only man who really loved her for real and the loneliness of never being able to kiss, hold , or touch Kurt again in this life and that my friends is enough punishment, no crime goes unanswered, you may be able to abstruct justice by paying off those involved, however you can not run from God, he sees all crimes committed and vengence is his.. You shall reap what you sow..

    • ms D

      omg please get real. you know nothing about her, read up! she targeted him as a successful guy to use. and they were about to divorce. it’s all documented. People need to stop transferring thier own feelings and persona over to them, and imagining that they were simple average people like you, THEY WERE NOT, it was very very complicated and messed up.

    • Jeremy

      Oh my gosh you’re so warped. How can you actually believe that about her. Ignorance is bliss I guess

  8. Bob

    It does not matter if it happened a hundred years ago. Murder is murder, and even Jessica, sure made it big. Speak up bitch. As if you did not hear the shotgun, or as if you did not do heroine, as your nasty boyfriend did. As if you did not hear the set up and after crap. As if you did not know about the greenhouse. So now you have got designer bags and shoes. Guaranteed they are all guilty, and hope case is opened and they all go to prison. Integral people need the jobs you have and gigs you get. Move over. And your ex boyfriend does a creepy art show on it, and ones call a psychopathic expose…art!!! Chuck an A..nasty ass evils and industry. Give Kurt respect, as what a suffering horrific way to die, and then be mutilated at the funeral home..sick.phucks!!..thanks to all doing research and blogs, putting the pressure on, for years. So disgusting these evil savages got away with, drugs, album assets and sales…you sold your soul for Courtney witch and Getty…my gosh..sure shows, be careful who you hang with and font do hard drugs..those drugs and greed being out the psycho sadistic murderer destroy drive in ones..that’s for sure. I ran those music scene es as a teen and I was sickened then, by what I witnessed. The River Phoenix death is weird as ctap, too. So drunk and drugged, he fell on me at his private shows on his land in Micamoy , Fl. His friend, Susie Q, family, friends did not ever get concerned. I thought he was going to die on me, one time. I’m Like 16 years old, doing first aid and nursing on a log, as all partied on. Moved a couple months later, he was dead. Keanu Revved had gone to Grille as a band and friend to River. So not surprised he died as seemed overdosed all the time, and no one would listen to me. I had more sense and mind, heart than a around me, older. His bro, Leaf, was often in same messed up state. Then moved to west coast and saw the same off, creepy vibe around this crew, and I thought that Kurt would die, too..and did..the vibe does not lie…around both as a teen..a Boone to them..but I picked up the creepy vibes of red flag and my I tuition of death was CORRECT..shocked the crap out of me, both times, for it to happen…dang ass creepy inusic scenes, common to music, but sure learned that energy is either a intelligence innate or an evil….

  9. Bob

    The daughter, raised around such evil and all the getting dang weird , too. What an insult that her sweet @6 theme was suicide. Not just about Kurt, but all the teens that copycat and suicide!!!! The same weird manager that has messed up other celebs, just kidnapped him and Courtney and daughter doing some strange warning with him. He’s dumb to stay around this. More crimes are going g to occur with the Frances B divorce and or the anxiety of the Kurt murder being stitred up..when ones vet away with much evil, they jump right back to it under fear of expose, jail and money loss. Trust me, my intuition was CORRECT twice as a teen..something wicked is coming…I’d bet a billion does not lie or hide but raises it’s ugly head when pricked..
    ©®™℅ church of bob

  10. Joe Schmoe

    Cali and Jessica heard the shot. He was to freaked to goto the greenhouse so she went and found the body. They called Courtney then they needed to get all Of The bad stuff out of the house before Seattle police found evidence of drug use. Courtney called Veca Elec. To put up security lights so that it would appear that the electrician found him.

    • D.A. Thorndike

      I totally agree with you. I always wondered about that. If these two were at the house how could they not have heard a shotgun blast? Those guns are very loud and in a large very empty house I am sure they would have heard it. Jessica seeing Kurt’s dead body would make her vomit in the driveway for sure. I suspect she saw him just before they left town and that is what made her so sick. She may or may not have been in on the conspiracy to kill him- but Cali is the one who is the most guilt after Courtney. Dylan was Kurt’s oldest friend and I just don’t see him going along with any plans to kill his best friend. I really think his hands are clean in this. I still would like abetter explanation as to why he avoided showing Tom Grant the greenhouse when they searched the residence on Wednesday night April 6th. That is the only part involving Dylan that I still think is very suspect. The mass exodus of Cali and jessica and Jennifer Adamson from the house and Seattle on Monday or Tuesday is very, very suspicious. BIG red flag there. WHY did they leave in such a hurry all at once after setting up residences there for years prior? This may go back to hearing the gunshot or even finding Kurt’s body in the greenhouse. Perhaps after hearing the gunshot they went looking for its source and found Kurt’s body just minutes after his death. Jessica and Jennifer may not have had anything to do with murder, they may have just been present in the house and that was the extent of their involvement. But Cali is the one that must have been Courtney’s hit man. What ties did he really have to Kurt? Jessica did have a relationship with Kurt, a very real friendship stretching over years since she came to Seattle. If she reacted to the discovery of his body by throwing up in the driveway then I doubt she had anything to do with his actual death. Her reaction tells me she did not expect to find Kurt dead. Cali, on the other hand, from all accounts he didn’t seem too distressed by Kurt’s death. And from all witnesses, he and Kurt never had any kind of bond like Kurt and Jessica had for example. And in the years since Kurt’s death Cali has moved on with his life seemingly unaffected by Kurt’s death. The other thing is the suicide note. If you look at the parts of the note that have been proven as a forgery and compare it to Cali’s handwriting, there is an eerie similiarity. He obvious tries to mimick Kirt’s writing, so he changes his own style in attempt to match Kurt’s, but if you examine it closely and compare the two- it looks very much like Cali was the one who added those lines to Kurt’s farewell note.

  11. M

    I noticed something most people would miss or overlook about the crime scene and that noome has yet mentioned… After reviewing photos and scretches with items in the room labeled, it’s become plainly obvious to me, from personal experience with what Kurt struggled with, that if he had shot up in that room, them where is the water source… Yes I see there is a sink at the back of the room, but there is no bottle, no glass, no cup to be found anywhere; I can tell you that Heroin users always have something to put fresh water in, and once in a cup or bottle it is then drawn up with the syringe. Nobody pulls up into a syringe direct from a faucet unless there is absolutely no way to put the water into a container. And seeing how Kurt was at home and had his kit readily available with all the essentials it makes no sense that he wouldn’t have a bottle for water there beside the kit. Some may argue he could have used the spoon to put the water in, but users don’t do that because it doesn’t fit with the ritual of use, a user uses a certain CC of water per specific out mg of Heroin, usually users will not use beyond 100CC, and most Ive known never go beyond 50CC. So putting the water in the spoon before adding Heroin is unusual, and especially doing so direct from a tap, and water is never if ever added from direct from a tap to a spoon with Heroin already in it because of the likelihood of losing Heroin to splashing over the sides and the inability to precisely control the amount, the CC units being used. The lack of a water container or any standing water at the scene is highly suspect to me.

    • M

      Sorry for the typos. I would proofread of it wasn’t so damn hard to edit using my smartphone after I’ve typed something. Hope the meanings not lost.

    • David Jefferson

      I have been thinking the exact same goddamn think about the water source since I read the case file and saw the police file photos. Where the fuck is the water source. If he took it from that sink it would be ungodly sickly looking water if it had not run for awhile. The missing water bottle, the multiple brands of cigarettes, and the items he had to have contact with mysteriously are found with no prints. All this bullshit adds up to foul play but no one in comand seems to give a shit. Just another dead junkie rock star right?? Fucking people need to stand up.

      • ss

        You might also notice in the photos, the torquinettes are underneath and his cap and a bunch of other items.
        i doubt he shot up, took off the torquinettes, put them down, packed up his kit, seemingly squeeze some cream out of the tube, put all his other items back on top of the torquinettes, loaded the gun with three shells and fired it. Highly doubt it. unless he had the highest inhumanely heroin tolerance in the universe.

  12. barabajagal

    That is a good observation that makes total sense. Any thoughts on the towels on the floor? Was one something that could be used as a compression wrap? They just seemed out of place to me.

  13. Frazz

    No prints, no water, neatly packed away needles…Kurt was clean for a day n a half following escape from the exodus facility; meaning his tolerance would have dropped immensely. That being said, there’s no way he would have still been able to shoot that much and clean up before offing himself, why tidy?…doesn’t add up. Not to mention all the blatant transparency surrounding all who were there not complying or saying anything about the official story or the “conspiracy”. If I put myself in a hitmans shoes, it would seem plausible to make it look like he was whacked out of his mind on hard drugs and killed himself…The one problem with that is… if anybody is planning on killing themselves, doing heroin first would almost save them as the nature of the drug relieves physical and emotional pain as you nod off. It releases dopamine and makes all feel better, seems like these hit men or man weren’t to familiar with heroin because it just doesn’t make sense. Meth/Crack/PcP maybe…but all your problems would melt away once your happiness chemicals start flooding your brain after you shoot up. Would have been more believable if they let him overdose. Shooting him was overkill.

    • HL

      You just said the magic words: shooting him was overkill. As a medic for 12 years, I’ve seen my share of shit, and someone wanted to make damn sure Kurt Cobain was surely dead. They didn’t want him potentially being found in time to possibly recover from an overdose….

  14. Mike

    I may be incorrect with my observation but the needle mark on his left forearm looks like he was harpooned with a larger needle than the diabetic looking ones that were found in his cigar box.

  15. Brogan D.-K.

    Hear say** goodness peps at least th to spell correctly and use proper grammar. It really kills your entire argument, whichever way it may lead, when you don’t use proper English. I’m not even being snootie I just mean do it reasonably!! God Bless!!

  16. Simon Richie

    It’s obvious the SPD wants to keep this case shut. One reason is because they are liable for all kinds law suits. The police corruption in the case is unbelievable. How Courtney knew the medical examiner and one of the Detectives. Major conflict of interest.

  17. Kurts ghost

    Jessica has a nice career now. This lady left Kurt’s house a day after he died, and yet was never questioned by the police? This stinks and it’s blatantly obvious something is a wry!

  18. Michael Burke McHugh

    My engineer friend, Michael McHugh, recorded a few records Michael Cali DeWitt was involved with. McHugh, drinking a fifth of whiskey and snorting an 8 ball of cocaine daily to keep the studio rollin’ checked himself into his vacation home, Western Medical Mental Ward, Anaheim Ca. after way to many 24 hour sleep deprived session after session.
    Singer guitarist out from Nashville, Tn, “Cheaptime” a musical act on ” in the red records” under his breath said to Michael, ” your daughters retarded” to get his attention or push his one last butto he had left. Before about to snap over the comment detected towards his daughter, he called the night and requested they all go back to there hotel. McHugh finally snapped, 3 months straight overworked, could not handle another mind game them and the last 3 bands were pushing him over the edge. He piled all there equipment at the front door, broke out his Springfield 20ga. and the next morning made sure they all new he was dead serious about them leaving and never coming back. The comment about his daughter ended there relationship as well as the label owner who believed them and thought he was going to blow his brains out.
    5 days of “one flew over a coocoos nest” and meeting wealthy stockbrokers who legally meet there to inside trade. McHugh threw a tip to his brother that William Buffet was purchasing all the west coast railroads.
    His brother freaked out with fear of prison time for inside trading and slammed the phone off.
    After his 2nd. exorcism of his life.
    Fighting demons blocking Jesus from entering, holding his hand out to escape another possession. His first during a hiking trip with 3 friends he tried to kill, ending up almost dead in ICU for 2 weeks, Every waking hour 2 priests were praying trying to cast out evil entities that had taken him over, making him yell bible quotes in Latin backwards.
    Returning to the studio ” the distillery” , Michael McHugh immediately had an 8 ball of coke and swallowed a months supply of phsyc drug Abilify he just spent his last $500 on.
    Cali, Michael Cali DeWitt called him to invite him to lunch with his girlfriend Jennifer, whom I really had a good time recording. The ” Silver Daggers” and ” the Strange Boys”. She sings and plays amazing saxophone.
    I asked Cali for help. I knew he cleaned up years before and he and I got along like lifetime best friends.
    I had no idea about his friendship or anything with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. My only run in with the Sid and Nancy clones was Kurt using our studio to shoot up while roading for the Melvins and Courtney’s annoying voice bitching at him at the bar. And our Sleastacks hit single, “Cobain in a coma” I recorded and silk screened the 45 with friends while my girlfriend was possibly cheating on me with him for teen spirit.
    So Cali helped me detox all over his and Jennifer’s place in Angelina Heights, He obnoxiously took photos of me and his dog detoxing for 72 hours and putting them on his RVKA website. On the 2and day he told me I would look perfect in a jacket he had to dig for in his basement.
    An hour later, be pulled out a black Letterman jacket an so excited to put it on me calling me “the producer” as a rap joke. He tried to throw me in a few rehabs until.he got me into one called the Pat Moore foundation in Costa Mesa. I lasted a week a grabbed my bottle of Klonopib and went back to work at the studio continued sobriety for 3 months but making my EED strengthen so heavy I couldn’t help bit to think I was suicidal when it would be someone speaking in an AA meeting who had these intense feelings. It’s like ESP but more directed at overly empathetic. It kept driving me into nervous breakdowns but would make connections with bands intense. To feel there emotions for them.
    Wearing the black Letterman jacket, out of the blue, I called Cali, (my sponsor) and started crying nonstop, I said,” Cali, why do did you give me Kurts jacket? My brother overheard me and said,” maybe he’s as fond of you”.
    I said, “how did you know him?”to Cali.
    He didn’t reply for a few minutes and then said, ” oh, cuz the jacket?”” Mike, if that was Kurt’s, I would of sold it for like $5000,” and then never returned my calls or even spoke to me again after I spoke of the feelings I had wearing Cobains backet, that Cali did the whole killing and was giving $25000 from Courtney to kill him after she had 2 of her thugs to kill El Douche on a railroad in Fullerton when he turned her down for $10000 to kill Kurt.


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