Music Deaths Of 2014 Alphabetized And Graded

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Alvin Stardust – The glam pop rocker who didn’t touch children – C

Bobby Womack – r&b master – A+

Bunny Rugs – Third World reggae guy – B

Dave Brockie – Gwar guy – B

DJ E-Z Rock -early rap MC – C+

George Shuffler – a Stanley Brother bluegrass performer – B-

Jake Hooker – co-wrote “I Love Rock N Roll” – C

Jay Trainor – from Jay And The Americans – B

Jesse Winchester – Americana before it was known as Americana – C

Jimmy Ruffin – David’s big brother and the voice on “What Becomes Of The Broken hearted” – C+

Joe Cocker – The Mad Dog and Englishman – B

Johnny Winter – Albino blues guy – C+

Lynsey de Paul – I had the biggest crush on the UK singer – C-

Maria Franziska von Trapp – so… how do you solve a problem like Maria? – C

Marty Thau – Managed the New York Dolls and co-produced the first Suicide album – C

Pete Seeger – Lefty folkie – A+

Phil Everly – When people discuss siblings singing together, the litmus test is if you could have sing close harmony as well as this guy and his brother – A+

Sabah – Legendary Lebanese pop singer – A


Comment: the biggest loss? Difficult. On a persona; level, I loved Sabah though I realize the US market doesn’t recognize her. Which leaves me between Phil and Womack and I chose Womack because, well, because he is Bobby Womack…

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