Murder As Ultimate Arena Rock

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Death is the ultimate end and it is both tragic and irrelevant. It is the definition of ubiquitous.
As Alyson noted, Chuck D compared it to the Olympics Of Death.
I am a touch ambivalent.
While Chuck D is right that Bin Laden was just a man, he is wrong to think that SYMBOLICALLY he was just a man. He represented a harsh break in the American psyche and his death, and the way he was killed, was a matter of huge gratification.
However, the manifestation of the USA's capture and killing was a little stomach churning. Jingoism won't get you that far. It is not unlike supporting a baseball team in the end -if the Yanks win a game, what have you done to help. And if you are getting your sense of worth (though not values) through geography, well, it might help but on a certain level, it is yucky.
The US has been fairly well hammered this century and if its citizens believe it responsible for their well being it must be responsible for its poverty. The IK saw how far cradle to grave welfare will take you. Punk happened because teenagers in London discovered they would never have a job.
Finally, back to death and arena rock.
1. It is the ultimate spectator sport. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO SOMEONE ELSE.
2. Death is Warhols 15 minutes of fame. Everybody is famous when they die.
3. It is a death but indifferent drama. As we speak people are dying everywhere. We are dropping, dropping, dropping.
Cheer the death of Bin Laden if you must, buy the Tee-Shirt, watch the show… just make sure you are living life not sitting in the cheap seats cheering it on.

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