Morrissey States : "Death Is A Serious Thing…"

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The quote goes on with 'certainly nothing to sneeze at'.  Which brings us to this highly staged yet beautiful photograph (who's Corona?) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

This 2007 photo has Morrissey by his his 'musical idol', Johnny Ramone,  who he wants to be laid to rest next to

“I like that cemetery.  I stumbled across Johnny Ramone’s stone and thought it was very nicely placed.  I sat there for a long time and I felt quite good about it.  It was nice his bones were under the soil I was sitting on . So yeah, that’s my spot.”


Records do not prove that Moz purchased a plot neighbor side of Ramone but apparently he did.  I cant help but wonder if he will outdo that statue, Morrissey's giant hair in bronze?  Also, why the heck get buried in LA you're just gonna float out to sea eventually anyway.


Anyway, I don't think that Morrissey should die anyway.  I realize the timing of this post is poor, his mother is quite ill and he has postponed his tour to be with her.  But the relaxed pose and fanboy of this photo is just too much to ignore.


Still I have a hard time imagining Johnny as Morrissey's idol but hey-stranger things have happened.

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