Monday Morning Rock; Mariah and Michael

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1. I'll Be There – Mariah Carey – Relatively self-controlled Mariah channeling MJ's falsetto.
2. Slapped Actress – The Hold Steady – Works really well live, on record it has an emotional fragility always ready to bow to fuzzed out guitar.
3. Act Naturally – The Beatles – Ringo mocking his actor credentials after A Hard Day's Night. But the point here is that the Beatles were the kings of the rock album construct. Help might not be the best example, but this cover of a Buck Owens hit is. It shows how all lean -all strong songs, work against the album construct. It shows how the lighter shadings compliment the rest of the album. Side One is all originals off the album, side two has two non originals, that work as bookends. Inside two  closes with "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" -Lennon giving it a McCartneyish  go over, and opens with a breath of fresh air, a little country dream. Between the two, the album kinda levitates with an easy charm.
4. Weed Demon – Wavves – A mellow high.
5. Drunk Kid Catholic – Bright Eyes – Emotional High
6. Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman – Joyful blast of youthful swing that had your Grandparents dancing.
7. Jack Of All Parades (Solo Demo) – Elvis Costello – Great song gains nothing in demo form.
8. Ready, Set, Don't Go – Miley Cyrus – Country pop doesn't stand the test.
9. You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry – This on the other hand will never grow old.
10. Death To All But Metal – Steel Panther – Funny, funny, funny. Kudos for being real metal and funning at a music beyond funable.
11. Ain't No Grave – Johnny Cash – Near the end, he dreams of transcendence. Hope he achieved it
12. Knockout – Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj – You know how you love Nicki so much? This is why.
13. Message from The Country – The Move – English psychedelia.
14. My Babe – Little Walter – You know how I don't like the blues? The exception is anything on Chess Records.
15. Words Of Love – Buddy Holly – When Roger McGuin learnt how to play guitar he copied George Harrison copying this.
16. Marchin' To The City – Bob Dylan – An outtake from Time Out Of Mind that didn't deserve to make it.
17. Feeling U (Feelin' Me) – Alicia Keys – Feelin' like a nap around now.
18. Poolshark (Live) – Sublime – Sounds like a demo of a half finished pretty good song.
19. Found My Swag – The Bangz – Swag? You know Bieber is right, it is a cool word.
20. Staring Orb – Dirty Projectors and Bjork – Wild and groovy stuff. Experimental harmonies and shrieks and a good song underneath it.


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