Mick Jones Explains His Need For The Clash Box Set

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Strummer & Jones in Ruder times










Remember when Mick Jones had that long curly hair (think Rude Boy)?  With his little bunny teeth and bedroom eyes he was swoonzilla for most of the girls.  His ass was tossed out of the band in 1983. Can we pause to remember he was …..tossed out of the band in 1983.  Drummer Topper Headon had a spike hanging out of his arm left of his own accord in 82 but Mick- he got the boot.

But ‘years have passed and things have changed’ and well he apparently is part of The Clash again though I dont recall anyone inviting him back in.  He has gone on a little rant a roo about why he felt the reissue box set was important.    “Sound System” which contains all the official Clash albums and a bunch of shit you can live without gets released on September 9th.

For me, it was a chance to get the music remastered,” says the guitarist. “I knew that some of the tapes were getting rotten. There have been other remasters lately, but in the past few years the technology has really increased. I mean, I buy other peoples’ records – mostly old recordings – and I always ask if it’s been remastered. I think we’ll be hearing more than we heard before, hopefully. That’s pretty much what we managed to do with the records. So the box set comes with nearly 99 percent of the Clash’s recorded work.”

“I listened to everything,” Jones continued. “It’s taken about three years, though I obviously wasn’t working on it all that time. But it took three years from its inception until completion. At first, the record company just wanted some reissues. But I looked at is as a chance to get all the stuff out. Then I suggested a box.”

Asked if he found material in the vaults that he didn’t even know existed, Jones says “Yeah. But it didn’t really come from one set of archives. They have lots of archive places now on the outskirts of London. They give you a list of things and you go, ‘Oh, can I get a CD of this and that?’ Then you get to hear it all. But we did it all from the original tapes. It’s really close to when it first came out of the recording studio. It’s the closest we got to that.”

Dont let this fool you there are more offerings too… All releasing on the 9th
“The Clash Hits Back” and “The Clash 5-Studio Album Set.”

The 2-CD best-of album, “The Clash Hits Back”  mimics July 19, 1982 setlist at the Brixton Fair Deal  with studio versions of the songs … plus 8 additional tracks.  Why, why why why…

“The Clash 5 Studio-Album Set” is a separate box set which collect the band’s original five studio albums (The Clash, Give ‘Em Enough Rope, London Calling, Sandinista! and Combat Rock) into one package.

I suppose there will be multiple packages and colors and some other crap to make you keep buying this over and over.  It’s vile.  I can let the one box set go- good for collectors but these others are an embarrassment to the legend of The Clash.  Did I mention HE WAS THROWN OUT OF THE GROUP IN 1983????

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