MFT 11-18-11

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1. My Love Is Your Love – Whitney Houston – I 've seen Whitney precisely once and she kinda sucked, but I have a friend who saw her at Radio City in her prime and she never stops rubbing my nose in it. This is the birth of hip hop production values in r&b -without this, no Beyonce..

2. … And Ever – Titus Andronicus – So good at Le Poisson Rouge, I am back listening to their last album.

3. Animal – Elie Goulding – I'm a little late in the review but she was shockingly good at MSG and this, the penultimate number, was a highlight.

4. Hallelujah – REM – This really goes back to where they belong. So, naturally, I don't much like it.

5. Snakes Crawl – Bush Tetras – Yeah, also the guitarist slips and slides pretty well.

6. Changes – Doll By Doll – This proves that Jackie Levn's greatest gift was his voice.

7. No Spare Parts – The Rolling Stones

8. Over My Dead Body – Drake – The "You lose some you win some as long as the outcome is income" rhyme is one of the best of the year.

9. Changing Of The Guards – Pusha, T Diddy – So it's all about the beat, eh?

10. Not Like The Movies – Katy Perry

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