Memory Motel: What Does Happiness Mean?

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Back in the Aftermath, Moonbeam and calmed their thoughts to a slow unburdened turn of ideas, of contemplation; of the incredible small somethingness of thought and reached an agreement with the billions of other thoughts tht spent their life apart from the hustle of sentient knownothings. They remembered when God spent its time among them, without this amazing mortal mini-Gods, causing havoc throughtout a universe once content to stay there arriving and deprtment in a transqyuil sea of nothing, or, not barely nothing, barely a ripple, the essense of mortality. “That’s what we are, we are the essentials, we are what remains when everything else is gone, and this is what od does not want to return to.”

“So uncommonly violent and distraught and distressing, it is really a big loud bang of nothingness. Those two…”

“Just an hour among them and it takes a year to recover.”

“But the rewards of stopping mortaility once and for all, a return to the common cause, to the very essence of God, the quietness of ideas floating between thoughts shared, the perfection of the minutest change, the tiniest expression, now, now… everything is lost and for what reason? None, no reason for it, this is what God wants because it has no memory of us, we are on the side, we don’t matter.”

They realized they were not alone. God was just there as another thought, “how does their loudness effect your quiet?”

“Why ask us when you know exactly how it affects us, precisely how it feels, everything is tremulous, and attention taking instead of sharing, if all it does is change you that is more than enough to change us. “

“Have you ever wondered why you are here? Have you ever wondered was is behind me, what I have made, and why I have made it? Have you ever thought that comfort isn’t an end in itself. Have you ever thought that the thought that thinks is the essence of what you are. And if all you, or myself, do, is contemplate infinity, we are pretty damn boring? Surely, the essence of thought is to disrupt the old with the new and then merge them.  If you are happy this way, I am fine with it but…”

“But what does happy mean? I don’t want happy, nobody does…”

“Well, let’s see how it works out….”

“What does workout mean…”




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