Megan Thee Stallion’s Rolling Stone Interview Failed To Mention She Was Suing Her Label

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On February 27th of this year, at 8am, Charles Holmes of Rolling Stone posted on their website what appeared at first sight to be a wide ranging, not much off limits, interview with Megan Thee Stallion, the Houston superrapper. He even got that Megan had a new album ready to drop, probably on her late mother’s birthday, May 2nd (here).

On March 7th, eight days later, Houston Chronicle broke the story of a Judge issuing a restraining order on Megan’s record label, thereby enabling her to release Suga on her own (here). In court documents, Stallion said she was “young and naive” when she signed her initial deal with 1501, alleging that the label “took complete advantage of her and fraudulently induced her to enter into” the deal. She called the contract “not only entirely unconscionable, but ridiculously so.”

The contact was indeed onerous, she received 40% from recorded work and an odorous 30% on touring and merchandize.

So, Rolling Stone sat for hours with Megan, had her crying over her mother’s death (so did SZA during her interview for the three black pop stars cover, I haven’t read the Normani portion but I am sure some tears were shed), RS even made it to rehearsals for an upcoming show.

What they didn’t get at all was the actual story.

It reminds me of RS’s far reaching Bob Dylan interview circa  Street Legal, got as closeasthis, discussed tarot cars for hours, and two weeks after it was published Dylan announced he was born again.

So much for Rolling Stone the crowned royalty of the rock star profile….

Oh, and #metoo the suckers for their “Women Shaping The Future” cover story, at the very least it should have been SZA, Noname, and H.E.R.




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