Maynard And The Musties : Alt Country Of Intense Intensity

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Maynard And the Musties are Donna Mcelroy's friends and so I came to them with zero knowledge and, based upon two songs, thought they were definitely good enough. But I am a huge country fan so I probably would.
Then I was asked to do the Q & A today and planned to get around to really listening to the band before Thursday for sure. And I finally got to it today and I am systematically blown away.
I don't know why or how but I chose Christopher Paul Stelling, Woody Fuller chose Geoffrey Wilson and Donna and Joseph Franklin chose Joe Maynard -and all three are giften singer-songwriters.
Joe has a Willie Nelson-y twang and a Gram Parsons story telling vibe and you can hear it all on his breathtaking 2009 first album "So Many Funerals". I streamed "Great Life" at random and immeditaely went to itunes and picked up the album.
I may get around to reviewing  the album (I am doing the Q&A at Muse on Thursday, and I may write the review as well – I wouldn't mind it) but if I don't at least I can Grade it: A. Not just the songs, which are root strong, but the playing which is gorgeous. It is like John Wesley Harding had a shoot out with Merle Haggard.
If you won't take my word for it, here is the myspace, stream ur country ol' heart out. And check out the muse and music…

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