Marianne Faithfull, A Bit Fragile

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Marianne Faithfull has a buzz about her now in the UK papers claiming she was 'too scared' to attend the Rolling Stones anniversary gigs.  Faithfull is now 66 years old and from the looks of things may be slightly fragile of mind. 

I dont mean this disrecpectuflly at all.  I personally think shes one bad ass broad.  Not a fanof her music but I am a fan of her sass, and sister had boatloads.    From the quotes I was able to obtain she comes across as somewhat sad if not nearly reclusivie.

She planned to go and see Mick, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts celebrate their 50th year in the business recently, but pulled out at the last minute.
'I was meant to go but I cancelled. I was on my own in London and I was scared to go to the O2 on my own. I'd hate being recognised. I can't even say my name in public,' she told Q magazine. 'I've gone to fashion shows in New York and because I couldn't bring myself to say, 'My name is Marianne Faithfull and I have an invitation.' I've actually turned around at the door and left. To hear those words coming out of my mouth would be so vulgar.'

Saying her own name is 'vulgar'?  Thats so sad I cant even imagine.   I wish there were greater detail on this.  Perhaps its pulled out of context? 

She did also make mention of Keith Richards infamous slam statement regarding Jaggers wang in his biography "Life"  

Marianne is unsure why the guitarist made the remarks, although she believes money might have been the motive.
'I actually think it was the publisher who wanted that in,' she claimed. 'Because it was the same publisher who printed my book [Faithfull, 1994], Michael Pietsch. He got in touch and said if I would say something about that, he would give me a lot more money. £80,000 more. I said no. The money for Keith must've been a lot more, and Keith would think it was a laugh. But [Keith] is a very envious man, deeply envious, wanting to put Mick Jagger down. It was a great mistake, I think.'

I cant imagine Richards doing that for cash.  I thnk the guy is pretty ok in the wallet.  What I do think is Ms Faithfull needs to get over that fear and get out and make some noise.  Still incredilby beautiful and intellingen with a fantastic sense of humour, she should be the grand dame of rock and roll not a fearful recluse.


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