Man Overboard releases "Where I Left You"

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man-overboardMan Overboard released a new tune called “Where I Left You”, and recorded a video for it, too.  It is absolutely adorable.

The song is super catchy and your stereotypical catchy Man Overboard jam- it’s pretty much everything you’d expect, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The vocals are great.  They’re smooth and really fun, and in the chorus are especially great.  The power and harmonies, backing vox and group vocals- it’s everything you’d want in a pop punk song.  To be honest, I love it, regardless of how intensely average it is.  There’s genuinely nothing special about this song, nothing to have it be any different than anything else they’ve ever done; however, it’s still really great.  It seems as though the band is never going to come out of their niche now that they’ve acknowledged just how successful it is.  I mean I remember seeing them at Warped Tour this past summer and even though they were fantastic and put on a rad show, I couldn’t differentiate one tune from another.  That kind of seems to be their thing- nothing wrong with that.

As for the video, it’s pretty cute.  The guys pretty much do what every teenager does behind closed doors- mouth the words to awesome songs and dance around.  It’s pretty great because it kind of shows us their silly side, and watching them have fun is entertaining.  Not to mention how cool the concert footage is- the stage-dives and the energy the band has..all of it makes me want to follow them around on tour and see all their shows.  Their stage presence is powerful even in video, and it’s obvious that they love what they do.

Even though it’s plain and nothing special, Man Overboard sure knows how to make catchy songs to put people in good moods; the band can put out crowd-pleasers, which is just enough.


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