Malaysia Bans Ke$ha's Upcoming Concert Over Religious And Cultural Reasons

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I have absolutely no interest in Ke$ha’s music but this is not the point, I jump from my seat every time I read about an artist being banned from a country because they would ‘hurt cultural and religious sensitivities’. Are we in 2013, and soon in 2014 or what? Apparently Malaysia lives in the 19th century, and I can once again blame religion for this! The country is in large majority Muslim, and the authorities have decided that the singer will not be able to perform at the Kuala Lumpur stadium. 

Livescape, the concert organizer, received a letter just the night before the show and claimed they are losing $350,000 because of this last minute cancellation. And this happened despite Ke$ha’s agreement to make some changes in her show:

‘Livescape would also like to go on record to applaud and thank Kesha and her team for working closely with us and having agreed to modify the show to suit the Malaysian culture and sensitivities, including having made adjustments to her song lyrics, wardrobe changes, and a set list that was modified to specifically adhere to the guidelines set forth by the authorities.’

Apparently it wasn’t enough! And they were damn serious, Ke$ha was thinking about going ahead and playing anyway, but she was told that the authorities would shut down the show, and there was even a threat of imprisonment.

As everyone can imagine, she isn’t the only one to have had this kind of problem, Lamb of God, Lady Gaga were also the victims of the same censorship, and of course you could say that Malaysians didn’t miss much (Ke$ha included of course), but I hate hate censorship. Censorship is such a waste of time anyway because Ke$ha’s music reaches Malaysian kids, as a matter of fact she was about to fill up a stadium! And censorship is also always producing the opposite of what it is supposed to do,… I am sure there are now lots of frustrated people who are even more eager to listen to Ke$ha’s songs because they are forbidden. No religion in power has ever tolerated dissent or blasphemy, and censorship is always an act motivated by fear, which sums up the sad situation in Malaysia. 


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