Madness, Nutty Recording and Touring

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Madness are recording!!  Their 10th album no less.  I adore this band you cannot hear a Madness song and be angry.  G'head and try it's instant feel good, throw your shoes off and get dancing fun.  No one can duplicate them and no one is dumb enough to try.

The band is also touring in the UK taking part in the big Forestry Commision Live Music Fest.    That’s a pretty cool music series too since there is no branding, the proceeds go to maintaining the eco system and tree population.  Sounds sorta hipster doesn’t it?  But this is Madness we’re talking about- so its gotta be cool.

Sugsy Quote!
"Since we played last in Westonbirt something strange has been happening down in the west country…the crowds have been going crazy, we can't wait to get back there for even more nutty times" 

Nutty times better get back to the USA.  A completion date is not offered for their new release.  Check them out in 'the day'.. Fantastic!

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