Lulu Simon At The Satellite, Thursday November 21st 2019

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Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon


Lulu Simon has a very bubbly and jovial personality, she took the stage at the Satellite during a night presented by We Found New Music, while many of her friends in the audience (mostly girls) were cheering and screaming, ‘Lulu, Lulu, omg, I love Lulu so much, she is so hot, she is so hot!’

If she was anxious – she hasn’t performed a lot of shows yet – she didn’t look like someone scared of the spotlights at all, and stayed upbeat and all smile during her entire set. And she does have a really big smile and a very expressive face, while her very cute persona gives her a sort of Disney princess aura. Pop music is her world, a world where everything seems to shine very bright, even though the excess of glitter covers a few heartbreaks. Love and heartbreaks, what else a 24-year-old could sing about?

Of course, Lulu grew up in a very musical family, her mother is Edie Brickell and her father is Paul Simon, while many of her family members are in the music business, brother Adrian has played in their famous father’s band and half-brother Harper has released two albums a few years ago. Very early on, she discovered she could also make her own music, but very little in her performance on Thursday night may have given any hint about her famous musical heritage. Lulu may be following the same path than her parents, but she is actually following her own path with heroes of her own, like Britney Spears, Kim Petras, The 1975, Charli XCX, and especially Carly Rae Jepsen, whose influence was definitively detectable on some of the songs she sang on Thursday night.

She launched her set with a youthful voice and the sweet ‘I Wanna Break Ur Heart’, a happy hooky tune about young love filled by synth beaten by upbeat drums. It was followed by a mid-tempo song, ‘Like I Should’, starting with the lines ‘I remember a couple summers ago/We fell asleep on the floor/ Listening to The Stroke’… This same light mood and pop theme around young love and flirt were all over her songs, and she announced the next one, ‘Your Loss’, with a smile: ‘I wrote this song about someone who did have a crush on me’.

‘How to be Alone’ was on the more melancholic side but had a very dance-y side, which totally exploded into a dancefloor during ‘Somebody Else’. She ended with her single ‘Wasted’, lamenting, with these same bright hooks, about a summer wasted on a boyfriend who cheated on her, even getting angry in the story: ‘But when you said I was your only/There was another in your bed/Well, you’re gonna wish you’d never known me’… She didn’t look very angry though, as every moment of the show sounded like a lot of fun for her and her friends.

With the help of her young musicians, her show was certainly not missing any sweetness, colored with the same bright pink than her sexy outfit. Paul Simon and Edie Brickell’s daughter has crafted pop songs with a communicative feel-good vibe, and the music is meant to be enjoyed at the moment, without too many second thoughts. As it is the case for all the kids of famous musicians (and even two in her case), she will have to deal with the shadow of her parents throughout her career, but looking at her ease on stage and playful performance, this didn’t seem to be a problem for her.  Lulu has released her first EP this year with the help of her older brother and producer Andy Seltzer (who co-wrote and co-produced Maggie Rogers’ ‘Split Stones’), and if she had all the perky qualities of today’s pop stars, time will tell if she is the next big thing.

I Wanna Break Ur Heart
Like I Should
Your Loss
How to be Alone
Somebody Else
Until I Do


Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon at the Satellite
Lulu Simon at the Satellite

Lulu Simon at the Satellite Lulu Simon at the Satellite Lulu Simon at the Satellite Lulu Simon at the Satellite


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