Live Through This: rock nyc’s Top Concert Picks Week Of May 11th, 2020

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In the alternate timeline, I was going to see Jarvis Cocker at St. Elsewhere on Thursday and for the first time in over a decade solo and the first time at  all since Pulp’s remembered as disappinting but rereading my 2012 Radio City review (here). He is terrific on stage though I’m not crazy about either his single as Jarv Is, or his last album come to that, still who didn’t want to see him on stage?

I wrote this in 2012: ” Pulp, a disco rock band that felt, like the template for LCD Soundsystems without the computers, were Jarvis Cocker’s vehicle for brainiac, sexually confused, dubious romanticism.or: if Oasis were the Stones and Blur the Beatles, Pulp were the Kinks Last night they were the exact same band only fourteen years on. Sporting a beard, Jarvis looked a little older but he hadn’t missed a beat. Hadn’t added one either.”

Like 25 years ago I wrote a short story about spending the weekend with God in New York City, she took me to Pulp performing at the Bottom Line (which they never had), so, yes, my idea of heaven, and it should in fact be yours. And though Jarvis isn’t given to nostalgia much, I don’t know if we will (will one day, I mean) even get “Leftovers” let alone “Help The Aged” which should be the real theme to Covid-19, at Elsewhere. But I do know I had planned to find out.


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