Live Through This: rock nyc’s Live Concert Picks For The Week Of April 6th, 2020

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Well, of course there are no shows but in the alternative world of rock nyc, without any deadly virus at all, I would be going to see Elton John at MSG on Tuesday. Yes, I hated him a coupla years ago when I saw him but a coupla years BEFORE that he blew me away in Vegas and I know what I was going to get and maybe after 90 minutes would have lost interest (the Vegas show was a third the length of nyc: two hours was great, three hours? Meh). And I would have gone, just use “Rocketman” to check out merch, buy a beer, get some popcorn, and meet friends old and new.

And the very next day would have been Sam Huber’s release party for one of the best albums of the year, Gravity Insanity. But there is some good news, while the Lola gig is cancelled, Sam will have a listening party today (Sunday) between 1pm and 2pm here.



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