Live Events May Resume Before The End Of The Year In New Zealand/Australia?

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Live Events May Resume

Alanis Morissette


This may be a glimmer of hope, after all, Billboard has announced that live events are about to make a come-back in certain parts of the world.

Live Nation has effectively announced a weekly series of socially distanced concerts and comedy events in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. New Zealand is the first country that seems to have beaten the virus, and that’s obviously why it was chosen for these events. The Together Again shows will start as soon as Friday, May 29th, and Saturday, May 30th at The Tuning Fork in central Auckland, part of Spark Arena (formerly Vector Arena) with a rotating line-up of local artists and comedians.

This is still not what we can call a concert and a back-to-normal live event, as a few measures will be in place based on public health and safety advice. For example, venues will scale down from a capacity of 400 to 100, concertgoers’ temperatures will be checked on entry, and of course, social distancing will be applied inside the venues. There will be no queues at the bar and personal will be wearing protective equipment, masks and gloves I suppose.

Live Nation New Zealand chairman Stuart Clumpas declared to be ‘excited to be welcoming back live events in New Zealand,’ adding that the shows are an ‘opportunity for us to unite and celebrate the power of live with some of the country’s first socially distanced shows.’

On the Australian Live Nation page, there are also major concerts rescheduled for October and November (Harry Styles, Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, 5 Seconds of Summer), and the late May experiment in New Zealand is probably a way to test the water. If these live comedy events do not bring new cases, live events may resume before the end of the year in this part of the world.

Is it too soon to know? Absolutely. Is it too soon for live events to resume when most of the world hasn’t seen the end of the tunnel? We shall see, but Harry Styles and Alanis Morissette in Australian could well be the first live events since the beginning of the pandemic.

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