Listen To Two New Vampire Weekend Songs!

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As we are all waiting for the new Vampire Weekend’s album, ‘Modern Vampires of the City’, I worry a little bit,… I really liked their two previous albums, so I would hate to be disappointed by whatever will follow on May 7th. However, these two new tracks just posted on YouTube by the band, are sounding quite interesting.


‘Diane Young’ is a mixed and intriguing bag with the familiar buoyancy of the band, going bipolar with light electronic doo-woopy parts, punchy drums and wild surfing guitar slides. It is a lot of fun but it almost sounds like a too quick ride (may be like the play of words of the title, Diane Young = dyin’ young) and honestly I had never heard anything like it. Oh and this thing has more ‘baby, baby, baby’ than a Justin Bieber's song.


‘Step’ is another story, another universe, and my favorite of the two, so sweet and delicate, with its harpsichord sound, it is working like a short classical black and white movie about New York City. It’s a video with lyrics, and it is a good thing, because I would have never been able to figure out a line like: ‘When I used to front like Angkor Wat/Mechanicsburg, Anchorage, and Das es Salaam’; but the poignant vibe mostly comes from the light melody itself, evoking innocence and melancholy, floating around a non-temporal Manhattan. The tune is going on full circles around the hook of the chorus, ‘The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out/What you on about?/I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones’, sounding a little different and at the same time, very much Vampire Weekend’s usual baroque pop. But, apparently, it is also very much inspired by Souls of Mischief’s ‘Step to my Girl’ ?


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