Listen To The New Lana Del Rey’s Song, ‘High By The Beach’

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When Lana Del Rey has a new song out, it’s always a big deal for a lot of people, and here is her new one, ‘High By The Beach’ off her forthcoming record ‘Honeymoon’. You can stream it on Youtube, and it comes with a picture of a languid Lana wearing a négligé by the beach (of course!) but if you look at it closer, you can see her hair and veils floating in the wind while the sea surface is sparkling… Some kitsch imagery Lana!

The song has a catchy chorus, it’s slow and airy with her lethargic voice and it sounds like the essence of what she has done before. As expected, the track does not unfold any no big surprise, she sings with her usual ethereal vocals sounding as if she was about to give her last expiration at any minute. Beside this, the music reveals an obvious hip hop inspiration, and to be honest I was waiting for the voice of some big-name rapper answering Lana’s whisper,… but this never comes, and that’s a good point because this has been done a million of times before .

‘It started with the chorus,’ she explained to DJ Zane Lowe, ‘ I was driving by the beach a lot. This was probably one of the last ones on the record…Even with the harmonies, it almost sounded monotone. But with the beat, it has this trap influence.’

‘All I wanna do is get high by the beach, get high by the beach, get high, she seems to sing all track-long, then giving a few more insight into the story, ‘The truth is I never bought into your bullshit’… ‘Don’t need your money, money/ To get me what I want/ Lights camera action/ I’ll do it on my own.’ But it’s true that Lana Del Rey has never been celebrated for her lyrics but for her dope beats? I just wonder how long she can stretch her style, how many albums she will be able to make with that same sleepy-drowsy voice before we are all fall into her comatose and druggy ennui.



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