Listen To Ryan Adams' New Song 'Gimmie Something Good’

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Adams’ Sold Out 7″

This new Ryan Adams’ song instantaneously sounds classic rock in the most Californian sense of the term, and I am not sure it is totally a good thing because who wants to a rehash of the late 70s? In any case, there’s a bit of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in it, some vibrant and wobbling keys and I would say a slightly different direction in Adams’ music. Whatever you think of  ‘Gimmie Something Good’, this new direction will bring you straight to several decades back, with Adams’ confident (and very male) vocals, at the sonic image of the iconic bands of this period. The only fragile, emotional and insecure part of Adams may only seen through the lyrics, ‘All my life been shaking wanting something/
Holding everything I had like it was broken
/Gimme something good
/Gimme something good
/Gimme something’…

His new (and 14th solo) album will be released on September 9th, and it will be produced by the legendary Glyn Johns – and talking about classic rock, the guy also produced the Who and Led Zeppelin. If you had been a bit faster, you could have bought the 7 inch of ‘Gimme Something Good’ (with ‘Aching For More’  for B-side) via his Pax-Am website, but since Adams hasn’t released anything since 2011 (‘Ashes & Fire’ album), it’s too late as it’s already sold out apparently. If you are a fan, you will have to wait till July 1st to be able to download the song on iTunes.

Now regarding the little story of the song, it was posted on Direct Current Music, then Adams’ label Blue Note asked them to take down the stream, but since you can never erase anything that was once unleashed on the internet, it was reposted on this Tumblr, and I stole it.


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