Listen To FIDLAR’s New Song, ‘Alcohol’

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Just in time for 4/20, FIDLAR has released a song about the most common addictive substance of all: alcohol. The song is simply called ‘Alcohol’, and you can’t be more direct than this punk fierce anthem,

The tune simply starts with a lonely surf guitar then soon explodes in a typical FIDLAR loud chaos with Zac Carper screaming his way through a heavy chorus loaded with bluesy guitars and stomping beats. The song is an empowering banger, an invite to a restless and careless drunk party, which works midway between anger, ecstasy and fuck-you-all… ‘Now I just want to be alone’, yells Zac. But what else is new with FIDLAR? That would hardly be the first time they write about alcohol, cheap beers and various alcoholic beverages, as the band has basically about two types of songs, the ones about alcohol and those about drugs, and they are all as direct and efficient as they are fun.

We hadn’t heard about FIDLAR for some time but does this new song mean they are preparing an album to follow up their 2015 release. ‘Too’? The LA punk band is actually playing Coachella this weekend, as they did last weekend, and has a few upcoming dates in Europe this summer. Check them out on their website and listen to ‘Alcohol’ below:


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