Listen To ‘All My Favorite Songs’ Weezer’s ’60s-Inspired New Song

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All My Favorite Songs

‘All My Favorite Songs’ from Weezer’s new album, ‘OK Human’


It’s difficult to even realize it, but the pandemic has been raging for almost a year already. However, some people haven’t lost their time and got really busy. This is the case for Weezer, as the quartet has just announced the release of a new album ‘OK Human’ earlier this week. And this will be the second album they will release this year.

They have also shared the lead single ‘All My Favorite Songs’ accompanied with a video and, right away, it sounds curiously familiar: the new tune is a baroque pop chamber number with vintage keyboards and strings turning into a sweet earworm. The band revealed that they worked with a 38-piece orchestra while taking inspiration from the likes of Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ to create one of his most personal records yet. This is what Weezer posted on social media:

‘During the summer of COVID-19, we grabbed our masks, hit the studio & began to chip away at what is now known as ‘OK Human.’ An album that was made by a handful of humans using only analog technologies (including a 38-piece orchestra) for all of you humans to consume.

‘OK Human’ was made at a time when humans-playing-instruments was a thing of the past. All we could do is look back on ancient times when humans really mattered and when the dark tech-takeover fantasy didn’t exist. We used our instruments to connect to the 1960s and 1970s and, with the orchestra, back to the 18th and 19th centuries. We had no click track or loops or hi-tech sounds. Not even an electric guitar.’

The song has indeed a Beatles-y vibe, although the vocals and lyrics are 100% Weezer: ‘I love parties, but I don’t go/Then I feel bad when I stay home’ sounds like a million songs Rivers Cuomo has written, although it’s an incongruous thing to say because there are currently no parties.

A few more things: the title of the album, ‘OK Human’, is also an homage to Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer,’ although it sounds ‘nothing at all like that record.’ And in the video for ‘All My Favorite Songs,’ Rivers has quarantine hair, the two kids are traveling back to the ‘80s or 90s while the music is an exercise in the genre of the ’60-70s. Go Figure!

‘OK Human,’ whose art cover is this very intricate drawing above, will arrive on January 29 via Atlantic, but this will not change anything regarding Weezer’s previously announced album, ‘Van Weezer,‘ a much more guitar-based and metal focused album, set to drop on May 7. Weezer has been quite busy during this pandemic.



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