Listen To Alice Bag’s New Song ‘Turn It Up’ From Her Upcoming Album ‘Blueprint’

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Alice Bag


The fierce Alice Bag is back but she was never gone if you were paying attention. Two years ago, the East LA punk icon released her first solo album, several decades after her career with the Bags in the late 70s. This year, she will release a follow-up and second solo album called ‘Blueprint’.

The first single, ‘Turn It Up’, was recently shared on the internet, it features no less than riot grrrls Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe on vocals, while the theme of the song is about opening yourself up to new ideas and reinventing yourself. ‘Turn It Up’ is a high energy punk tune, sweeping away you soul and making space for new ideas during the time of a catchy anthemic chorus: ‘You made a playlist and it’s locked into your head/Toss it out, play something new instead/And turn it up, turn it up/Until it resonates in your soul/Turn it up, turn it up/Feel the change from head to toe’… I am almost seeing Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe rising their fists at unison.

‘Ms. Hanna does sing on ‘Turn It Up’’, wrote Alice bag on her Facebook page, ‘but she is featured much more prominently on another song called ’77’ which will be released as a single in upcoming weeks. I’m thrilled that I got a chance to work with her and so many other incredibly talented musicians.’

‘Blueprint’ was recorded last year at Echo Park’s Station House Studios, and the album will be released on March 23rd via Don Giovanni Records. You can already pre-order it here.

01 “Turn It Up”
02 “Invisible”
03 “77”
04 “Stranger”
05 “Shame Game”
06 “Etched Deep”
07 “Blueprint”
08 “Sparkling Path”
09 “Se Cree Joven”
10 “Adrift”
11 “White Justice”


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