Lil’ Wayne’s “Mirror”, featuring Bruno Mars Video Review

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What the hell Weezy?  Who the fuck gets their eyelids tattooed!  You can straight up spend a day reading that guys skin.  I suppose there are woman out ther thinking hes a sexy boy but holy hell on an inkpad that's a freaky dude.

I think the reason they divide Bruno and Weezy in this video is cuz Mars is scared to death.  What a lovely 'red' video this is. Lil Wayne starting with the man in the mirror and offering up props to MJ, so much so that he blesses himself after saying his name.. Unlike Michael Jacksons 'Man in The Mirror' Lil Wayne's "Mirror' is more a sad commentary. 

There really is no happy go lucky message here, on the contrary its played off as defeat.  As if he has defeated himself. 

Looking at me now I can see my past

Damn I look just like my fucking dad

Light it up, that's smoke in mirrors

I even look good in the broken mirror

I see my momma smile that's a blessing

I see the change, I see the message

And no message could've been any clearer

So I'm startin' with the man in the…

A paint splattered sad statement than you can only depend on yourself.   Nice.  Lil Wayne is a scary ass mo'fo.  This video is a bit wanna be artsy the crucifixion is really dumb and Bruno provides nothing but a whimper to the gruffness of the rap.  He hits some MJ notes though.. sorry about that.



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